Panama social media

Back at it again. The World Cup continues and we all bite our fingernails in anticipation.

For our International Social Media month, let’s look at the market growth of Panama. When you want to make a bang and impress Panamanians, take a look at where their most devoted fans lie and reach them in the right language… and I mean more than Spanish.

Social media has language in the same way our countries do. Made to communicate to certain types of people, certain demographics, and catered to visually or textually interested parties, they will eat your emails up (literally) if you can get them where the email hits home. If you’re anything like me, a good formal lead generation is never a bad idea.

Technological Advancements
Panama, although at the forefront of Central and Latin American SMM advancement, still doesn’t boost the mobile capabilities that such countries as Guatemala and Brazil have. This leaves the market available for email possibilities. While more users are viewing from mobile phones, research indicates that Panamanians may benefit from a traditional email campaign.

Email Preferencing
While creating a customized preference center isn’t for everyone, Panama is a great market for this launch.

Like all email campaigns, preference emails are extremely cost effective. They organize delegated parties into groups, creating a framework for interested parties.

With a preference center, responses tend to be higher. Where blind emails may fail, your emails will reach the listening ear.

Those who have ears will hear, yes??! My thoughts exactly.

Entertainment Galore
One AMAZING fact about Panama is that it’s entertainment-driven. Top fan pages on Facebook are usually movie and home entertainment. indicates a trend in TV, movie and home entertainment. This is a GREAT way to create a brand campaign!!

Frequency of Emails
Because Panama is still growing in the mobile market, and many Panama users are only expected to spend about 2-3 hours a day on social media, the frequency of emails should be very sensitive.

With online spam reaching an all-time high, it’s important that you find that “sweet spot” where you’re reaching them gently rather than aggressively.

This is another great way to utilize preference centers. In the questionnaire, make sure you leave an option for daily, weekly, monthly emails. They will choose how often they see you in their inbox and feel safe knowing they won’t see you too much.

Panama is full of potential. The people are smart and savvy and the government is making a valiant effort to introduce technology to its people. Creating welcoming, language-sensitive emails customized to users will boost interest and grab Facebook pageviews and social branding faster than you can say, “jack rabbit!”


Go for it. Here’s your ask-all about Panama and SMM. Have you been? Have you seen?