Given the anonymity of some social media, errors can occur. The whole point of networkingisn’t to just “get” followers, but to engage them, right?

Here are some common Social Media Sins to avoid:

1)  The “Like” Button. Just getting the likes isn’t enough! You need to focus on what you will do with your fans once you get them. Which brings up the point…

2)  Not enough content. You must keep people interested, and stay relevant. At the same time? Don’t bombard them. Too many posts will get you blocked or de-friended…and that’s not good!

3) Ignoring your posts. If you are only checking your Tweets/Facebook page a few times a week, you can miss out on valuable comments from your fans. It’s important that people see that you respond to questions and compliments, and don’t forget to thank them for stopping by!

4)  Lack of communication. People who work off-line need to know of what is going on with your Social Media channels. If you offer a 10% discount in-store for Facebook fans, you need to make sure that employees know!  Disorganization doesn’t a fan make.

5) Not using this little-used social media website.

Are you a social media “sinner?” What are your top “sins” to avoid?