The initial meeting is a vital part of the process. Typically this is a half-hour conversation over the phone or in person at a conference or trade show. This part of the process is our crucial “first date” to determine if there is a good fit between your company culture and employees and ours. All marketing decision makers and “opinionators” should be present during the initial consultation. Mutually beneficial working relationships are our ultimate goal.



Nothing replaces the value of face-to-face contact with you and your team. During this process, one of our social directors will visit your offices for a full day of discovery and conduct a meeting covering current marketing goals/objectives and past successes/failures. This is normally followed up with a brainstorming session, a meeting with all workers, a facility tour, and a complete overview of how to conquer company objectives online.



Next we’ll create an online roadmap based on your goals, complete with increases expected once it’s been implemented. The roadmap varies for each company, giving specific checklists, tools, and goals to help yours thrive. Many companies use our roadmaps to guide their internal departments to suit their own objectives. Clients are often shocked at the enormous amount of detail included and the massive reach they can achieve with our roadmap.



You can expect the roadmap within 14 business days of the Discovery Session. This will include task recommendations for each of your current staff, plus proposals for our own services and third-parties if we feel there’s more to do than your staff can reasonably handle. With the entire infrastructure sustainably instituted, your company will be ready to drive forward as a unit down the road to social media success!

How We’ve Helped Our Clients

Here’s How

Christi is a detailed expert in her line of work. I would highly recommend her as a source for social media. She is personable, fun and knows what it takes to help with marketing your business!

Robin Barbaree

Sales Representative

Christi Tasker and her team at Puttin’ Out have been instrumental in establishing our social media presence and creating a cohesive “brand voice” across our family of brands. She is uniquely skilled at developing a systematic plan of action customized to our specific company and industry needs. She brings an energetic and passionate approach to everything she does and is genuinely committed to helping us achieve our goals.

Trevor Cohen

CEO Giftcraft Ltd. | Toronto, ON

Christi Tasker is a powerful influencer and brand marketer. She combines social media skills, industry expertise and a strong design background to drive measurable results for her customers. I am pleased to recommend her work.

Dorothy Belshaw

President, Gift and Home Decor