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Christi is smart, ahead of the curve on all elements of social media…..and highly creative. Her energy and proactive approach yields measurable and impactful results.

Robert Maricich

CEO International Market Centers, LP

Christi Tasker is an incredible woman to work with. She is extremely knowledgeable in the field of Social Media. Her creativity and passion for the retail industry gives her a big advantage to any competitor. There is no comparison when it comes to marketing with Christi Tasker. She gets the job done well and has a blast doing it!

Mary Minno

Partnerships at Paystik

Christi did an excellent job as a consultant for my social media marketing campaign. She really understands branding and target audiences and helped me take my social media to a much more professional platform with a strategic plan in place to engage and grow my audience! She delivered exactly what she promised….

Melanie Snare

Director of Sales & Marketing | On Air Personality | SCORE ATLANTA

The marketing of our business and the development of our “social footprint” has elevated leaps and bounds since we have started working with Puttin’ Out. There is no way we could have done this on our own! The best thing about Christi is that she really listens and spends the time necessary to really understand what OUR ultimate goals are and one by one, we are checking them off our list! It is rare that you find a professional who delivers MORE than you expect – and she does it with such a sense of joy that we can hardly wait to see her!
Thank you so much for all you do Christi. We are so grateful!

Jill Abelman

Owner/Lead Designer at Inside Style

Christi is extremely dynamic and excellent in her field. She is vivacious, outgoing and has the gift of keeping attendee’s to her seminars fully engaged and wanting more. Our retailers have learned and implemented Christi’s Social Media best practices and are definitely seeing results. I look forward to working with Christi again in the near future.

Jodi Green

Independent sales Representative

Christi has the dedication and drive that puts her character above the competition. Combined with an intuitive understanding of both social media and creative marketing, Christi knows how to support her clients as they rocket to success.

Jennifer Bruck

Artist,Muralist, Faux Finish specialist (Gilding, restoration and plasters) at Jennerations Artwork

Christi is very creative , talented and passionate about using the new marketing methods of social media. She has had first hand experience and understands the challenges of small companies and how to help them grow and brand themselves.

Nancy Lee

VP at Ivystone Group LLC

There is not enough space here to provide an all inclusive recommendation plus all of my accolades about Christi Tullis. In summary, I first hired Christi as an interior designer to decorate my home. Her “personalized creativity” is what stood out the most. Christi took the time to thoroughly understand the style and preferences of my husband and I then presented us with very unique ideas that were executed beautifully. To this day, people walk into our home and Christi’s work is often a conversation starter. Her results are stunning. We worked in that capacity for years and had a ton of fun…always a side benefit when working with Christi ! Recently, I decided to launch a long time dream and start my own company. These days, I hire Christi as a business consultant. To date, I’ve benefited greatly from her vast knowledge and insight into growing a thriving business. Christi’s consulting has not only saved me from making many wrong turns – her vitality and success are truly inspiring. Christi is now far more than a business colleague. She is a treasured friend and together we are grounded in our faith. Christi is a true light in this world. She ROCKS.

Susan Conley

Helping People Cultivate ROCKsolid Client Relationships to Create Growth

I have worked with Christi through the ARTS Awards process and hosted her among others on retail roundtables. She has boundless energy, inspiring ideas and is a credible spokesperson for the retail industry. She is an advocate for her causes with poise and grace.

Sharon Davis

Director at ART

I first met Christi at a Social Media Marketing seminar she was presenting at the Atlanta Market and was blown away by her front-of-the-room skills. She is focused on educating first and motivating second, one of the most important attributes a professional presenter can have.

Eric Bauer

CEO at Eric Bauer Marketing LLC and Owner, Eric Bauer Marketing LLC

Christi is, without a doubt, the most talented and energetic professional in her field of Social Media I have ever seen. Her infectious, total belief in Social Media as an effective media tool to market a business comes out in all her work, and she is also a razor sharp business person who knows no matter how much fun a project is, it must produce measurable results for the client for them to feel good about their ROI on what they do with her. If you want to embrace the future of business, embrace Christi’s talent!

Randy H. Eller

Owner of Eller Enterprises, LLC

As a former award-winning retailer, Christi has an intimate knowledge of day to day concerns of small businesses, especially retailers, and what they need to do through marketing and customer contact to succeed. Christi is an expert on the use of social media — Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. — and how it can, and should, be integrated into marketing plans for maximum effect in connecting retailers with their customers to stimulate business. She makes the complexities of today’s technology and the use of Social Media, easy and understandable to the novice. Her enthusiasm for Social Media is infectious, but she is also very serious about how it can be used to best advantage. Her guidance will get you started, her support will keep you going.
Christi consults with retailers and other businesses and she is a popular speaker on the subject.

Caroline Kennedy

Editor-in-chief at Gifts & Decorative Accessories, Progressive Business Media

Christi Tasker is a powerful influencer and brand marketer. She combines social media skills, industry expertise and a strong design background to drive measurable results for her customers. I am pleased to recommend her work.

Dorothy Belshaw

President, Gift and Home Decor

Christi is a detailed expert in her line of work. I would highly recommend her as a source for social media. She is personable, fun and knows what it takes to help with marketing your business!

Robin Barbaree

Sales Representative

Christi Tasker has created an empire in a niche market that we cannot live without today. Social Media has become such a powerful and necessary tool for any business. Christi has impressed me with her knowledge of the wide array of social media platforms and especially staying on top of her game in such an ever-changing and growing Market. She is extremely talented and dedicated. I would definitely recommend Christi to anyone who needs to increase their social output. Additionally I’ve seen Christi speak at several events and she is so dynamic and engaging.

Cassie Catania

Leasing Manager, Gift+Home at International Market Centers

Christi’s experiences reflects in the amount, and quality of information she brings to the table when as she created a social media package for Inside Style. We look forward to our continued relationship with her and growing our business as we reach more clients through social media.

Marc Abelman

Business Development at Inside Style

I highly recommend Christi Tasker! Her knowledge of social media platforms and ideas for helping businesses maximize their potential via social media are superior within the industry. Christi’s ideas and advice are realistic and effective … a great combination!

Pamela Graves

Multimedia Managing Editor at UMI (Urban Ministries, Inc.)

Christi does an excellent job educating retailers and sales teams on the power of social media and how to use it to grow business. Christi’s presentations are informative, motivational, and keep the audience engaged.

John Keiser

Chief Executive Officer at OneCoast

Christi is an exciting and inspiring leader and speaker. She is forward thinking, very hard working, and is the kind of person who can truly make a difference!

David Moses

Executive Vice President at UMA Enterprises, Inc

Christi Tasker and her team at Puttin’ Out have been instrumental in establishing our social media presence and creating a cohesive “brand voice” across our family of brands. She is uniquely skilled at developing a systematic plan of action customized to our specific company and industry needs. She brings an energetic and passionate approach to everything she does and is genuinely committed to helping us achieve our goals.

Trevor Cohen

CEO Giftcraft Ltd. | Toronto, ON

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