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The Casas Team



While PuTTin’ OuT has been working mainly with clients in the Gift and Home industry, 2014 brought new clients who varied in field and scope of established branding. One such client was The Casas Team, a Mortgage Lender based out of Las Vegas. Here’s what was requested by the founder, Brenda Casas, and her associates:

  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Refinement.
  • Brand Recognition.
  • Email Campaign Creation + Model for Staff to Execute.
  • Social Media Services (which included blogging, posting, social engagement and responses).
  • Create new website strategy to include a new layout and design.
  • Consult with the Casas Team website developer for proper execution

Leads Generation: The Name of the Game

The main concern was generation of new leads. The Casas Team wanted their brand and their lender Brenda Casas, to be fully established online, especially in the Spanish-speaking community which is widely prevalent here in Vegas. We worked together with graphics artists, media, and videographers to complete a full social media campaign that would generate leads and recognition.

Our focus throughout the campaign:

  • Email campaigns created to follow up with each new homeowner via a systematic order and all in due timing.
  • Announcements of new Vegas homeowner options and government programs available.
  • Receiving and posting testimonials from homeowners on their Casas mortgage experience.
  • Focusing on the correct demographic for the Casas Team (age, status, Hispanic background).
  • Of course, we garnered a few press opportunities that included NBC interviews that Brenda was unable to attend due to timing and meeting already scheduled client obligations.

Rebranding and Company Name Change

As with every campaign, there are split-second moments where an issue must be addressed. Through a series of changes in the mortgage lending regulations, our team initiated a full-fledged name change and rebranding for the Casas Team, which included:

  • Changing of the logo and company name.
  • Rebranding of graphics across every social media platform.
  • Removal of the previous name from Google search engines.
  • Replacement of all press releases with old logos.
  • Requesting name changes on social media sites, such as Facebook, which required our affiliate relationships to avoid long waiting periods.

What We Accomplished:

PuTTin OuT worked with resident Casas Team web developers and marketing assistants to refine the voice of the company across social media. In addition, we worked with the marketing team to train them in their own email campaign and press release practices. We saw:

  • Growth in the number of leads sent from organic Google search.
  • Rise in fans and followers across all social media platforms.
  • Discovered new press opportunities in interviews via television, video, and print publications.
  • Defined speaking and authorship opportunities.
  • Complete set-up and maintenance program of social media sites, website, blog, and email marketing programs.

What We Learned

In addition to learning a TON about the buying a new home in Vegas, we used some super savvy tactics for removal of a brand and re-establishing a new presence quickly, something many CEO’s in our past have also had the privilege of seeing first-hand (hush! we can’t tell who!).

Creating a presence online is one thing. Maintaining that presence isn’t always a one-woman job. It took our whole team to establish the change effectively.

For more information about everything we can do, or HAVE done recently, visit our menu of services and send an email to info@ You never know when you’ll need a little social cleanup :).

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