How Businesses Should Use Houzz

Everybody raise your hands if you’re on Houzz. No? Why not?! If you haven’t heard the buzzzz about Houzz, let me educate. It is one of the most effective ways for businesses to bust their brand into new SM markets… and it’s fun! Houzz is one big bonanza of home décor....

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What’s the Deal with Facebook Star Ratings?

I’m going to risk it all now and talk about a hot topic. I do mean the highly volatile and slightly (ok maybe severely) controversial subject of Facebook star ratings. I think I just heard hundreds of you scream. Maybe you’ve reserved yourself to distaste and kept...

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Guatemala’s Social Campaign

The heat is on. It’s already reaching 100 here, but this Southern Georgia gal doesn’t blink an eyelash. I’ve got bigger fish to fry. Like Guatemala. Yes, you heard me right!! This country is on FIRE with new interest in social media and has been named the most...

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On and Off the Field: Germany’s Social Media

How’s your game? Not just the World Cup… but your social media game? If y’all haven’t heard, I’ll tell it to you straight. International social media is HUGE today. Your own backyard isn’t good enough anymore. So if you aren’t kickin’ it with the worldwide web, you...

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Argentina’s Superhero Status

What’s under your shirt? If you asked Argentina, they may just have a superhero costume. Kinda like the Hulk (minus the anger issues), Argentina has grown immensely in the social media ring. And I mean immense. They saw a 73 percent spike between 2010 and 2013....

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The Paris Perspective: SMM

If there were a gold medal for the most savvy of all countries, France would win hands down. The French people with their sexy accents... and their cheese, oh the cheese!!!! But what about social media? Do they have the savvy they’re known for in the online ring? I’d...

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Scotland’s Politically Charged Social Media

Do religion and politics have a place in social media? If you ask this Georgia gal turned Vegas social media marketer, I’d say heck yes they do! The bigger the controversy, the more hashtags, the more shares, and the more active users to engage! While I’ve touched on...

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