Spring has sprung (for most of us!) and you know what that means… time to take out the old and bring in the new! And the same goes for your social media marketing campaign!!

One thing to remember about the SMM world is that it’s always changing – what worked a couple years ago might not be working now. Plus, having clunky, outdated social content doesn’t help your cause at all. So let’s get your social presence sparkling clean!

Clean Up Your Local Citations

If you’ve got some sketchy citations floating around the internet (some of which may have been user-submitted or put up haphazardly by bots), it’s time to take some time to improve local citation SEO. Google weighs this in SERPs now, so it can hurt your visibility to have a poor/low-quality presence.

Scrub Those Blackhat Practices

Okay, so we all make mistakes… and if you used to do some under-the-table kind of marketing stuff, it might catch up to you if Google finds out. Any backlink-farming or local citation blasts or blog spamming can bite you in the butt down the road – if they haven’t already. Google will work to crack down on this stuff more and more, basically ’til the end of time, so they WILL find OuT!

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Update Your Info on ALL Channels

When is the last time you really had a look at your social profiles? This stuff isn’t just set-and-forget… you HAVE TO keep it up-to-date. That means all of it!!

From Twitter to G+ to even the little guys like SlideShare, if people find differing information about you when they do a search, they will get confused and see it as unprofessional. Social media should never cost you a lead!

A good place to start is basic information, then deleting any irrelevant images and replacing them with new ones. And if you have new, awesome accolades like big-name clients, awards, or publications, you’ll want to throw those into your bios, too.

Link Check

If you post backlinks to your social outlets (which you SHOULD be!!), then there’s a chance you might have some 404s on your hands. Google doesn’t like broken links, and neither do users. On social media, this is an easy fix – check out my post on how to check for and fix broken links.

Link Up Any New Profiles

If you’ve added new social profiles over the years/months, make sure they are all connected where applicable. If you check out the PuTTin’ OuT Facebook page, you’ll notice icons and links to our Pinterest, RSS, website, etc. right at the top, making it easy for users to connect across channels.

Have some more social media spring cleaning tips? Let me know in the comments!

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