Lose 20 pounds. Stop drinking soda. Go to the gym at least twice a week. Get a new job. Finish remodeling the kitchen.

Any of these sound familiar? Every year, we resolve to improve our lives throughout the coming year, usually by trying to force ourselves to change habits we don’t really want to change. But how often do YOU actually follow through with them?

It might sound crazy (that’s how we like it around here 😉 but social media really can be the motivator you need to make your 2014 New Year’s resolutions happen.

So It Is Said, So It Shall Be Done

Some people think that if you tell others about a goal you have, it’ll force you to actually try to make it happen. When we let others know about our plans or goals, it can make them magically more “real” than when they were just floating around our heads. Plus, it puts a lil’ fire under your tush because no one wants to fail when others are expecting big things.

Social media sites are literally made for this kind of thing. Hit Pinterest and Pin your ideas. Tweet your goals and track your successes (and even failures). Post pics of your progress on Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr (new to Tumblr? See our tips for microblogging). Loved ones can offer support when you need it!

The Proof’s in the Pics

Let’s say your resolution involves some sort of visual change, something like losing weight or improving something physical or making an addition to a home. If you can commit to posting picture updates regularly (and especially if you already do this), you’ve got your accountability staring yourself in the face as all your friends, family, coworkers, and even in-laws get to follow you in real time.

Sound scary? It should be.

Good News Is Fun!

Everybody loves good news. So when you’re having success – you’re down 10 pounds by March, you can hold a basic conversation in Italian, your new garden just yielded some peppers, etc. – shout it OuT! You’ll be so excited you’ll just want to tell whoever cares enough to listen, and on social media, everybody has to listen!

This is a great motivation because it allows you to indulge in your accomplishments, which makes you want to keep going. When it’s just you checking progress, it can be hard to measure (which leads to discouragement) or care enough to keep it going if no one around you seems to notice.

Hope this helps you make your goals happen in 2014! And if you’re still in the holiday spirit as you finish leftover holiday cookies, see what they can teach you about social media marketing!


How will you use SM for your goals in 2014? Help us help ourselves!

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