Bet this is something you never thought about! But here at PuTTin’ OuT we’ve always got social media on the mind. And like everyone else in the world who celebrates Christmas, we’ve also got HOLIDAYS on the mind all month long!! So as you can see, it really only makes sense we’d make a connection like this.

But before you write this one off, hear me OuT and consider these holiday social media tips!

Short and Sweet

Get it? Like “short” bread/shortening?!?

Had to start things off on a double pun, but I think this actually really works. Whether you’re looking to bake some tasty Christmas treats or interact with your followers online, the key point to keep in mind is to always keep it short and sweet.

Abide by your Twitter limits, no more than a couple sentences on Facebook, and don’t forget to “sweeten” your posts with offers, treats, freebies, and genuine value!

It’s All about PRESENTation

Would you eat a holiday cookie that looks like a lump of coal with some smudgy finger painting on top of it? Maybe if it was a “present” from your grandma! No matter how wonderful it might taste on the inside, a cookie’s got to PROJECT that deliciousness!!

It’s actually the same with social media. Do you think anyone wants to read a post that’s just a fat block of text with typos, no color, and no spaces? NOPE! You’ve gotta spice it up like nutmeg on a gingerbread cookie with some unique/preferably custom images (check out how to customize Facebook thumbnails!), professional formatting, and visual appeal.

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Just like Grandma’s cookie, no one will give it a chance unless it looks great!

Too Many Can Be Bad

If you’ve ever woken up on the 26th with a Christmas sweets hangover, you know too much of a good thing is a BAD thing.

Again, same goes for social media. If you’re posting all day every day, it’s all going to become white noise and your followers will start ignoring you… Which is the LAST thing you want your social presence to do!

Gotta Let It Rise

No one wants a flat cookie! So unless you prefer to eat your cookies as dough (which isn’t a bad thing!), you’ve got to learn to give cookies time to rise so you can take them out at just the right time.

In social media, timing is everything, too. Check the days and times that most often arouse engagement from your followers, and plan content ahead of time so it coincides with holidays or certain days of the week. Don’t just throw it all OuT there all at once – you’ve gotta have patience unless you want a gooey mess!


Any more ideas on what makes social media like holiday cookies? Let us know! And happy holidays from all of us at PuTTin’ OuT!!

Join me for a wild ride!

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