Take a look around this blog post – notice something? There’s always a lot going on on our blog pages, so you probably notice a lot of things! But specifically, I’m talking about the social sharing icons you may or may not have noticed at the top right of this post.

But that’s not just this page, it’s EVERY page on this website. That’s not just some mindless template thing, it’s completely intentional… and it should be the same for you, too!!

Why You Need Social Sharing Icons

I won’t pretend that social sharing icons will completely revitalize a ghost website (y’know, like a ghost town… a place no one visits).

HOWEVER. There is still a lot of good they can do. Google values social sharing now more than ever in their ranking algorithms, so the more help you can get to gain engagement, the better you’ll be. People like simplicity – don’t give them any extra steps to share, or they probably won’t do it.

Not Just the BIG Ones

If you checkout OuT my social sharing icons, you might have noticed a few of them you don’t recognize – I don’t blame you! There are TONS of social media sites out there (here are just a few little-known social sites for SMM), so it’s no surprise if you’re only active on the major few.

While promoting sharing on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter is definitely essential, those aren’t the only ones your users are on. A couple of my favorite under-the-radar sharing icons are for YouTube, Instagram, and SlideShare. (Have you seen my tips for using SlideShare for SMM??!!)

The whole idea of promoting social sharing is that the people reading your website can actually, you know, DO IT!! And how can they do that if you don’t prompt them to do it on their favorite sites, which might not just be Facebook?

Adding Social Sharing Icons

So you’re convinced that now you need to start using those icons. Now what?? One good place to start is with these free social media sharing icons. It’s good to have some dynamic, eye-catching images to promote clicks. Remember, people need to see them to know they can click them.

Second, throw some into your emails! Here’s how to create an email signature with social media icons. Then when you’re talking to people who already know you and like your brand, you give them easy access to your social media outlets. That’s what it’s all about!!!

Have more tips for using icons to promote social sharing?? Let me know in the comments!!

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