Everybody raise your hands if you’re on Houzz. No? Why not?! If you haven’t heard the buzzzz about Houzz, let me educate. It is one of the most effective ways for businesses to bust their brand into new SM markets… and it’s fun!

Houzz is one big bonanza of home décor. Houzz showcases brands with brilliant quality pictures. Not to mention it’s my favorite place to hide on the internet. All those beautiful rooms…

For Starters

Let’s pretend you haven’t heard of Houzz (shame, shame). You should at least know how important it is to use SMS as an outlet beyond just social connections. Houzz is super easy to navigate with a simple log-in and tons of starter ideabooks to get your creative juices flowing. Sign on and you’ll immediately begin filling your proverbial rooms (living room, dining, kitchen, etc.) with high-quality pictures.

It’s a Visual Thing

Houzz is a high-resolution photo social media. We’ve watched Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram all move to bigger, badder picture profiles. Kinda like a Texas hat… bigger is always better.

Visuals make your brand pop. They exalt your product while keeping the user interested. This upswing in visual stimulation online means HOUZZ is that much more versatile.

Brand Placement 101

Why was Vanna White so important to The Wheel of Fortune? She placed the eye where it needed to go. Houzz does that in a chic (and slightly less sexualized) way. You can place your brand directly in the limelight of every picture.

Let’s say you sell kitchen hardware. Put it in a beautiful, modern décor kitchen and you’ve got perfect placement for your brand. Kitchen cabinets? Yes. Sofas and loveseats? You bet.

Like Pinterest, Houzz is a springboard for a variety of interests within one picture. Brands that aren’t home furnishings can also be displayed in elegant settings and catch fire with interest.

Show Progression of Work

Before and after is a cinch with Houzz. Take progressive pictures of a design project in the making. Throw them together and what do you get? A brand-related progression of work that is accessible to the public.

I’ll be the first to admit that I love Houzz. In fact, I have a pretty strong feeling you’re going to be seeing more of it soon on my blog. For now, add it to the list of little-used top SMM sites and I’ll keep tellin’ you exactly how it is.

How would you use Houzz? Business or pleasure? I do love a good story.

Join me for a wild ride!

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