December Diamonds is an extremely popular Christmas brand that came to us seeking online marketing & social media marketing content creation. December Diamonds CEO, Scott Neilsen wanted their brand swimming through the pond under a limited budget. They needed a social media company that could entertain & grow their Facebook audience along with setting up other online channels. Last but not least, they hoped that we could conceptualize taglines and quotes so great they would need to trademark them. We began with few custom graphics but a lot of potential.

When we were through with them (I promise… we were gentle) they saw a 62% jump in new website viewers (including international), a significant increase in average page views and they became Pinterest second largest website traffic referrer directly behind Facebook with a 50% fan growth!!! Here’s the updated Facebook when we were through with it:

If you want it, here’s how we got it.

Ghost Write Content

We got with December Diamonds and discussed what their brand meant. What quirks it had, what had made the mermaids and mermen swim through in their customer’s minds in the past. Obviously we included their decades of holiday knowledge with our expertise in social media. We gathered all of their product images and began brainstorming for sayings and quotes that would naturally fit the product for their beloved mermaids and mermen especially.

Writing is a key aspect to injecting your site with relevant, characteristic content that’s fixed to your brand in big revenues.

Peak Media Posting

For December Diamonds, publishing this content during those peak times was key to reaching the right pairs of eyes, namely those who love unique aquatic collectibles.

If you’re not publishing peak, you’re not reaching your audience. Period. Give our software a try to discover the best times to post on all of your social media accounts.

Create Custom graphics

Next, our Keely and Sara from our graphics team created funky, fun, graphics that would make the December Diamonds audience click LIKE, SHARE, and comment without thinking twice. We mixed trademarked phrases and sayings to bring the images home.

After getting final approval on all graphics and accidentally creating their new trademarked tagline: “Fairy tales under the sea” we were ready to fish for mermaid and mermen lovers all over. Here are some of the custom graphics we created:

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We also created giveaways that kept the audience (and the fans) excited about new trends, products, and free stuff! (Who doesn’t love FREE stuff?) Note: ALWAYS use social trends to gain interest. That’s what they’re there for, people!

Cross Channel Promotion of Other Social Sites

Notice in the first image above. We connected their social media sites with custom third party applications. This linked their Facebook account to twitter, Pinterest, other high profile social media accounts and a special application linking their website; allowing customer to easily navigate from one site to another.

Market Research

Market research, people! We needed to know where December Diamonds (DD) would fit and who it was compared to. Once done, it enhanced brand clarity across all social media.


Because December Diamonds is a small company, we were able to help them out by taking their advertising a full step further and create tradeshow marketing campaigns to include:

  • SMS or text message marketing campaigns
  • Email graphics
  • B2B printed hand-outs
  • Advertisements for publications
  • Natural public relations for both B2B and B2C.

This resulted in the significant bump we saw in page views – singular and upstarted by social action. We were seeing results!!! YIPPEEE!!!

And Yes! We do take care of traditional advertising and printing for clients when they need us. For goodness sakes, print is where Christi, our CEO first started years ago before her Myspace advertising era.

Join me for a wild ride!

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