So you want to start expanding your social media marketing diversity abd you’re ready to get OuT there and start doing some online video marketing. You’ve got your Instagram app set up and ready to go, you’re following people, and you want to show ’em what you’ve got. But you don’t know how to make a video…

No worries, that’s what I’m here for!!

Why Instagram Videos

In short – people like videos. They also like Instagram. Combine the two and you’ve got a potent way to expand your marketing efforts and do some really dynamic stuff, especially after their recent update that allows a lot of video freedom.

People also like fun, and don’t like to feel like they’re being marketed to. This is a great way to build your brand and get in on the mobile marketing Google updates without being all SEO-spam and stuff. People shut that out after a while, trust me!

Shoot Up! (Videos, I mean!)

Keep in mind these should be short videos, so no need to write a 100-page screenplay and hire a video editor. All you need is a smartphone, maybe a friend/coworker to help shoot, and some basic video editing apps/programs if you want to get a little advanced (things like transitions, filters, effects, title screen effects, and all that fancy stuff).

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It almost doesn’t matter what kind of video you make, as long as you make one. People will watch just about any video if it’s short enough. That doesn’t mean crap anything out that you shoot, but what I’m driving at here is just to get a basic idea that’s entertaining and somehow relevant to your industry/following and then go do a few takes.

Upload from Your Phone – or Even Computer

The great thing about Instagram video is you can upload any video right from your phone. See something cool while walking to lunch and capture it? Upload it! Shot a couple scenes for your little “film” on your iPhone? Now you can upload those and even trim them right there in the app. How cool is that?!

But if you want to get a little advanced, try doing some intermediate editing on your computer by uploading from phone to PC, doing your editing thing, and then PC back to phone. It’s kind of like cheating the system, only you’re actually allowed to do it 😉

Of course there’s also a slew of add-ons you can by to get real technical, like telephoto lenses, better software, sound editing, tripods, mics, and more.

Bonus Tips/Warnings

Also, keep in mind this isn’t a pro video app. No widescreen here, so make sure every shot is centered.

And try editing sound right in the app – remember, people are listening, too!


Got more Instagram video tips? Let me know in the comments!

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