We can’t all be grammar geeks – but we should all be INSTAgrammer geeks!

That was rough, I know. But if you’re still with me after that joke, then you must really want to know more about why you need to be using Instagram as a part of your SMM campaigning. Let’s break it down!

Instagram’s Social Reach

Let’s put it bluntly: EVERYBODY is on Instagram. And as I discussed in an earlier post, you need to diversify your social media presence if you hope to keep up with your following, so it stands to reason that if the people you are marketing to are on Instagram, you should be, too!

In fact, over 150 million people use the mobile image and video sharing app, and they all love it. As of right now, the Apple App Store shows the app has 1,618,067 reviews combining for a 4.5-star rating. Look around the App Store and you’ll see that kind of universal klout does NOT come easily for an app!

And the better news? It’s still growing! Instagram was bought by Facebook, and then proceeded to outgrow its foster parent company 23% to 3% in 2013. That’s 20% higher growth, almost 8X the potential virality, and a whole lot more promise for continued, regular use!! Remember, people tend to use things more when they first start out (do you post to FB as often as you did when you started??).

Reaching Your Followers via Instagram

Even if all you want to use the mobile social outlet for is advertising through their outstanding Sponsored Posts, this is a major medium for you to be on.

It’s also an incredibly powerful opportunity for increasing engagement. People look, watch, Like, and share images and videos so rapidly on Instagram your head will spin at the viral potential. Our media culture is becoming increasingly image-oriented (hence Facebook buying Instagram, Twitter acquiring Vine, etc.), and allowing your followers to engage with you visually is becoming more and more important every day.

If you’re ready to get started, sign up today before your preferred username goes! And then get to it with these Instagram video editing tips so you can get some awesome content OuT there and get your following excited!


Still not sure about Instagram? Love it? What’s holding you back, or what convinced you to try it?

Join me for a wild ride!

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