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10+ COVID-19 Coronavirus Loans & Grants Available To Small Businesses | Grant Links Included

How To Save Your Small Business & Reduce Expenses In The COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Shutdown You are not in this Coronavirus shutdown pandemic alone! One consulting call after another consulting call, all small business owners are asking, "Christi, how can I save my...

Why You Need to Become an Instagrammer Today

We can’t all be grammar geeks – but we should all be INSTAgrammer geeks! That was rough, I know. But if you’re still with me after that joke, then you must really want to know more about why you need to be using Instagram as a part of your SMM campaigning. Let’s break...

How to Create an Awesome Instagram Video

So you want to start expanding your social media marketing diversity abd you’re ready to get OuT there and start doing some online video marketing. You’ve got your Instagram app set up and ready to go, you’re following people, and you want to show ’em what you’ve got....

Instagram Sponsored Ads Look a Bit Too Good

Instagram Sponsored Ads Look a Bit Too Good

If you’re an active Instagram user – like the other 150 million users out there – you probably received a message from them in early October saying you’ll start seeing some sponsored ads in the near future (at least for the US users, who make up about 2/5 the total)....

christi tasker

Christi Tasker

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Globally recognized as one of the first females in technology, Christi’s first won awards for interior design & retailing. As a digital media marketing motivational speaker & analytical creative brand director, Christi Tasker specializes in merging technology with human interactions to universally create better consumer experiences. Shop Christi Tasker see her Travel Tips & Best Interior Design Blogs. View her branding work on our sister company site Tasker Agency.

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