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Las Vegas based business chosen to author for a global public relations book

Social Media
Las Vegas NV – Out of the reported 360,000 Public Relations professionals in America, the social media marketing and digital media management firm PuTTin’ OuT contributes two separate articles to the 2015 PR News Press Social Media Guidebook Volume 1, offering valuable insight into new and improved social media and public relations tactics.

Christi Tasker, CEO, contributed How to Write Search-Worthy Google+ Posts, a tutorial detailing the optimization of Google posting to ensure localization, search query, and visual aid. “With Google changing their optimization formula every year, we really need to stay on our toes with each post. You can’t use the same formula for Facebook that you do for Google. It’s important that all social media experts know the best practices for each platform. If you aren’t paying attention to what you’re posting and where, you’re missing out on PR marketing opportunities every time.” said Christi.

Laura Larkin, Digital Media Manager, contributed How to Use Tumblr to Reach Generations X, Y and Z, a new overview of the social media site, Tumblr. The article explains Tumblr’s influence and offers statistics for the site to aid in marketing to new generations. “There are a lot of new social media sites popping up every day. Most of them don’t stand a chance against Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, but Tumblr stands to create a demographic that allows a new reach to young people who are both educated and tech-savvy. That’s not a market any of us should be ignoring.” said Laura.

The full abstract is offered through the PR News Press Website in both digital ($399.00) and hard copies ($449.00) and covers a wide array of social media platform advice for marketing and navigating each site. Christi Tasker will offer free seminars on July 9 2015 at AmericasMart to offer more advice on social media practices, blogging, and site optimization, free tickets available now. For free social media information for retailers, businesses of all sizes, public

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About Christi Tasker: Christi Tasker is an international Social Media Consultant, Coach, Author, and Speaker who evolved into the online marketing arena in 2009 via her interior design firm and retail store. Christi is also a social media expert on NBC news and a contributor to Public Relations Newswire, Social Media Today and TechCrunch.co. In Winter of 2013 she won the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Award for Social Media Marketing for the Las Vegas Market located in Downtown Las Vegas. In 2015 she received the Vegas Inc. Top Tech Executive Award for Community Exemplary. For more information and to follow Christi’s personal travels visit: www.PSthisRocks.com.
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About Laura Larkin: Laura Larkin, author of “Twentysomething” and Digital Media Manager of the Vegas and Miami-based social media marketing firm PuTTin OuT has 3 years of experience in blog writing and social media marketing with a Bachelor’s Degree from Taylor University in Professional Writing. She has written for numerous blog sites, including TheWardrobeshop.com, Landmark News, and PuTTinOuT.com.

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