If you read my first post on how to use SlideShare for social media marketing, hopefully you’re already OWNING your SlideShare presence and seeing some boosts in traffic and engagement. If you haven’t seen it yet – get on over there!!! You need some SlideShare ground rules before getting to these more advanced tips!

Still here??!! Great! On to those tips!

Ideal Presentation Length

We’ve all seen it before: a disappointing post with too little info that wasted your time, or a disappointing post with so much info you didn’t need that it also wasted your time. And bored you, to boot.

The sweet spot for a presentation, in my book, is around 8-10 slides. Lower than 6 is probably not enough to tell a story, and more than 12-15 (for lots of info) will probably drag on.

Write Like a Blogger

Sound simple? You’d be surprised how many presentations aren’t set up in a sensible way. Use bullet points for specific/related data, keep font/size consistent, make sure background/font colors coordinate while contrasting enough to be easy to read, use headers/subheaders to organize… basically, whatever you’d do to format a blog, even if it’s formal data.


People can go anywhere to find a piece on “how to increase website traffic.” Know what they CAN’T find just anywhere? “How Don Draper would increase your website traffic.” Try incorporating major pop cultural references or odd quirky slants to make it stand out. You might even want to try a little shock appeal with a risqué title/theme – that can go a long way!

Follow SlideShare on Social Outlets

It’s so simple you probably didn’t think of it. But it can help to see what sort of presentations they like to promote and get updates on what they’re doing to hone your own presentations.

Cross-Promote on All Social Outlets

Write a backing blog post that links to it. Shout it out on Facebook and Twitter. Post an original image from it on Pinterest and Instagram with a link back to it. Add it as a publication on LinkedIn. Submit it to Reddit and StumbleUpon. That is how you PuT it OuT!!

Double Team It

Have connections another big brand in a different industry? Team up for a joint presentation that gets exposure with their audience on top of yours. As the great Sir-Mix-A-Lot once said, Double up, Uh! Uh!!

Invest in LeadShare

SlideShare offers a paid service for advanced users that can be well worth the money. Starting at $19, these monthly plans allow you cool tools like in-presentation lead generation forms that can pay for themselves fast. There’s even a pay-per-lead option that’s worth checking out.

Landing Pages

If you’re investing money in your SlideShare presence, try setting up specific landing pages so you can track your ROI and see if you’re getting the most bang for your proverbial buck.

Defy Convention

And, finally, don’t be afraid to ignore any of these tips. Sometimes the best content is the content that shouldn’t work, but somehow does. For instance, really long or short presentations can still be quite successful if you know what you’re doing. So can boring presentations or very un-search-friendly titles.

That’s it! Have some more SlideShare SMM tips?? Let me know in the comments!

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