Chances are you’ve probably already heard about Facebook. If you haven’t… where have you been??!!

Facebook is the world’s go-to social media. The types of people active on Facebook may surprise you, but you can reach hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people there.

Talk about a platform!! Personal or business, this social media outlet packs a serious punch. This first post will give you the basics on updating and posting to a personal page, so if you’ve already got that down, you might want to skip this post for the second in the series.

Personal Pages

Here’s how to set up that personal page like a pro. Facebook is very user-friendly, and you’ll be uploading pictures of your kids and brunch dates in no time.

Start by entering your information truthfully. Facebook only allows one person per personal account, so make sure you don’t violate terms and conditions by creating more than one or falsifying information. There’s only one you, and Facebook has a knack for finding multiple accounts and closing them, causing you to lose all your connections!! So don’t do it.

Posting Personal Updates

Facebook profiles are for connecting friends and family. In case you aren’t aware, “Join my team!!” and “Buy my STUFF here!” aren’t really appropriate status updates for a personal page. Save that for group pages, Business profiles, newsletters, or other Facebook communities of interested parties.

How much business should you post on your personal Facebook page? Not much! Be selective… good rule of thumb would be 80/20 personal to business updates.

Be Positive

Bring Facebook your positive voice. 80% of personal page posts should be in a positive voice and can include:

  • Social Events
  • Family and friends
  • Quotes
  • Feelings and Emotions
  • Hobbies and travels
  • Books and movies

The other 20% can be business or semi-business related:

  • Branded promotional materials
  • Opportunity posts
  • Content from your business

Post Frequency and Checkup

2-4 posts per day over a span of 1-4 hours is ideal for personal pages. Although “losing your audience” is less likely on a personal page, you don’t want to clog your friends’ feeds with too much activity. Let them scroll through and be reminded of your day, your thoughts, your experience… or just you!

Timing and consistency are key even with a personal page. The phrase is coined as “social devotion,” and it’s a big deal online these days. Check at least twice per day to respond and follow up with messages.

(I say this with tongue in cheek. I think a lot of us check our Facebook WAAAAY more than two times a day.)

Last? Make sure you download the Facebook app on all mobile devices and tablets. This will help you avoid those pesky reminders every time you try to sign in. While you’re navigating your newfangled profile, take some tips on how to customize Facebook thumbnail images to avoid blown-up pixels or teeny tiny pictures.

Where will you take your personal Facebook profile? What do you like to “share”?

Join me for a wild ride!

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