If you haven’t heard the news, we LOVE Twitter! 140 characters has never been so sweet. So when I saw that Twitter was offering a new and improved viewing option, I was thrilled!

With social media spring cleaning at the forefront of our minds, this enhanced Twitter interface should help you revamp your Twitter marketing efforts. While familiarizing yourself with the new face of Twitter will take some time, it certainly isn’t putting lipstick on a pig. The new Twitter is soo PRETTY!

The Photos… Ah the Photos!

With a little bit of Facebook and a little bit of Pinterest, Twitter is looking more like a personalized social media platform than ever before.

The interface has adjusted with larger profile photos (so you can actually see more than your face), and they’ve made headers broad and engaging. Remember when Facebook went to the header photo? Yeah. It’s kinda like that. But bigger. And better.

Images are also automatically fitted, so no cropping is involved in profile or cover photos (Facebook should be taking notes right now).

Pinning and Primping

Like the powerful Pinterest, now you can take OuT those kernels of wisdom and PIN them at the top of your profile! This draws the eye exactly where you want it and can be extremely beneficial to brand marketing.

In the words of Adriana, one of our lovely graphic artists:

“The graphic is now a straightforward image in 16:9 ratio, which is the same size that YouTube uses. If one wanted to, one can use the same graphic for both sites, cutting down on time spent creating matching profiles. The previous Twitter interface placed the profile image over the cover graphic. This meant you had to be strategic with the placement of photography and make sure that the focal point was not covered up by the profile photo. With the new layout, the profile image covers up the header slightly, similar to Facebook’s layout, making it much easier to work with.”

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Toolbar Mania

If you’re accustomed to checking yourself OuT on social media more than you look in the bathroom mirror, you’ll love the new toolbar. Made for an easy glance at your Twitter history, the interface now separates tweets and tweet replies.

Imagine looking through favorite tweets without all the conversation between. If you do want to see it all, Twitter gives that option, too. The toolbar now allows quick access to archived photos, followers, and number of tweets to make it user-friendly and more personal.

Mobile vs. PC

We’ve all been there. Your profile and cover look great on a PC. Then you check it on mobile and (gasp!) half the picture is cut off or your head is abnormally large. Then, voila! the new Twitterface fixes photos in translation for an ease between iPad, mobile, and desktop.

If you haven’t heard, we’ve even experienced this ourselves. I’ve included a before-and-after example of our lovely @BakingQueenDarlene and her frustrating issue with mobile-versus-PC dilemma. Our resident celebrity @DesignerDANN also experienced similar issues.

Virtual Graphic SMM

The beauty-treated Twitter has tremendous potential. Personalization is great for brand placement and allows for graphics to truly speak to viewers. Twitter exists as a viable option for retail and social media outreach… and I think it will continue to grow in influence. For examples, read my blog on the bombastic potential of Twitter. If you remember, I was also right about Pinterest (wink).

If you want this new face, however, you have to ask for it. You can read an online tutorial here that will guide you through all the dizzy details.

Have you navigated the new interface yet? Give us the details below.

Join me for a wild ride!

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