Know what the main point of social media is? Well, it’s not “media” – so I’m pretty sure you can figure OuT which of the two words matters most!
Social media can be many things, but when you’re using it for marketing purposes, it should be SOCIAL above all. And infographics are one of the best ways on the internet today to get your followers to be, well, I think you get where I’m going 🙂

The Point of Social Networking

What would you say the best thing a social media follower can do directly for you is? “Like” a post? Follow you? Subscribe? Head to your website?

Social Sharing Process
Guess again.

The best thing someone can do for you on social media is share something you’ve posted. A share proves three things:

  • One – Someone has genuinely engaged with your post and it was very relevant to him/her
  • Two – Someone liked it so much he/she thought someone else would, too
  • Three – Someone else will engage with this post who is likely beyond your existing following

It doesn’t get any better than that!

The third point is the biggest one. Getting your current following excited is one thing, but once they start sharing your posts out to other people in their networks who are not yet a part of your network… now that’s what SOCIAL networking is all about!!!

People are much more likely to respond to a post when someone they personally know has specifically shared it with them, and then they’re even more likely to share it AGAIN once they’re in the viral mindset.

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How Infographics Affect Social Media

Now this brings us to infographics. For an idea of some infographics people would be likely to share/be interested in, check out some of these social media infographics.

Get the idea? People eat these things up – they’re quick, interesting, and easy to share. Infographics are perfect for sharing in every way. Which brings us to YOU!

Create Your Own Infographics

If you can create and distribute your own infographics, you’ve got an instant source of original content that’s highly shareable and able to be rapidly consumed.

Remember, these should link back to your website and should have original content/images – which is easier than you think with these free infographics templates! So get your infographics out there and get them social!!

How do you use infographics for marketing? Dish some tips in the comments!

In the meantime, here are a few more social media infographics for your viewing pleasure:

Google-Analytics-InfographicsSocial media infographic blue











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