You already know that texting is the next new social media outlet for you to get in on, but who has time to design a campaign, start implementing it, collect numbers and info, start writing ad copy, and then individually send it out to every number you’ve collected?

Unless you’re marketing to, like, 6 people, that’s not you!!

But don’t fret. If ease of use is the only thing keeping you back from an SMS marketing campaign, this PuTTin’ OuT exclusive tool will change EVERYTHING for you!

The Trick of En Masse Marketing

I’m not here to tell you how to get your contact list (well, not in this post at least 😉 but I am here to tell you that without proper organizational techniques, ANY marketing campaign will fall short.

Striking a balance between mass marketing and high targeting is essential for successful campaigns. You don’t want to reach out so far that you’re wasting your time (which equals money, as we all know!) on people who were never going to fit your market to begin with. You also don’t want to restrict it so much that you miss out on potential outliers who may have borderline interest but don’t fit perfectly into your expected demographic.

Better to overreach a little than under-reach. And be sure your contact info acquisition tactics get mobile numbers, or you’re missing your chance at a powerful marketing angle. And once you have it, it’s time to literally load them up and blast your campaign!

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Simple SMS Software

So you’ve got your list of numbers to market to – now what? Instead of “thumbing” them all into your phone (that would be crazy…), try the PuTTin’ OuT Online Marketing Software! Even the lowest level comes with SMS marketing capabilities!

Here’s how easy it is…

Log in to your dashboard:

PuTTin' OuT Dashboard

Click the SMS Text icon:

SMS Text Marketing

Type your message:

SMS Marketing Copy

And then just click that Add Contacts/Services icon to filter through your mobile contacts and select the numbers you want… and presto! You can schedule posts, send them immediately, save to draft, etc. It’s the perfect way to get your SMS poll marketing campaign running, run a test marketing campaign, send anyone in the world an SMS… you get the idea!!

So get out there and get texting!


Do you run an SMS marketing campaign? Use the PO software? Share your tips in the comments, please!

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