If you’re already using text message marketing to reach your customer base… good for you! You’re using one of the most efficient methods out there for engaging with an exact audience.

We all know SMS marketing is fast and boasts a drastically higher conversion rate than email marketing, but if you’re still struggling to get a mobile marketing campaign figured out (no, you can’t just text people “Buy this thing!”), try this big tip.

Ask Them Yourself!

Wondering what your target market likes? Need to know what they don’t like? Rather than guessing, just ask them.

While you can use any type of poll you like (just not a flagpole ;), it’s likely best to use something quick and fun, something requiring as little effort as possible on their part. For an example, check out this great example of a simple SMS poll.

Remember, people are lazy and don’t like to be interrupted from their Instagram feeds (remember to market on Instagram, too!). Asking wide-open questions might scare them off.

So the next time you want to know something about your contact pool, just ask them yourself. The best tool any marketer has is knowledge. Get it with SMS marketing!

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Have you tried SMS polls? What works for you, what doesn’t?

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