2012 Retailer’s Online Marketing Checklist – Fourth Quarter

How would you like to cut your marketing budget and reach your current customers more often? Here are my top secret proven tricks of the online marketing world that will help you market more effectively.


  • Edit Page – Double check to ensure your information is complete and accurate.
  • About Section –Feature your tag line and major brands you represent.
  • About Section – Make sure your web address is clickable under the profile picture.
  • LIKE Other Pages- Like pages of stocked brands.
  • Post Daily –Socialize with your audience as if they’re your best friend.
  • Respond to Fans – As if they’re customers in your store.
  • Profile Picture – Utilize the maximum size 180×540; change every holiday.
  • Thumbnail Adjustment- Should be easily identified as 90x90ptx.
  • Cover Photos – Adjust them to reflect stocked products/brands or store visuals.
  • Photo Albums- Clean up and sort photos into albums. Name accordingly with descriptive keywords.
  • Facebook Offer – Create an offer; announce it via other marketing platforms.
  • Contest – ONLY host one with a third party application or developer plug in.
  • Insights- Review them at least once per week to learn about your audience.
  • Pre-plan + Schedule Posts- Busy times are approaching, pre-plan and schedule everything now! Click here to try it for FREE.



  • Claim your place, complete the information, and follow the steps when the Foursquare post card arrives.
  • Set up an offer or promotion.
  • Create a Mayorship Special.


  • Create an account with story boards for products. Pinterest people like pretty photos so a photography class maybe a good hobby to soothe your social sole.
  • Make sure every photo is described in detail with keywords that people maybe utilizing when doing a Google search.
  • Utilize multiple categories for boards.

Common Missed Opportunities That Socially Matter

  • In-Store Signage – should be in store windows, in the store bathrooms, at POS.
  • Requiring that sales staff mention social media deals – create exact language that each sales person should use. Define when they should introduce social campaigns.
  • Failure to utilize POS systems to effectively track marketing methods. Most retailers have the ability in current POS softwares, they just don’t know how.
  • Cross Market Social Media Campaigns/Deals on all marketing pieces – Facebook gives you access to current clients and the ability to reach thousands of their friends EVERYDAY!
  • Collection Data at POS – Connect with your customers after they leave the store. Obtain their information (in order of importance): First & last name, email address, mobile number,  origianl marketing that brought them in, birthday,  zip code, address.
  • Create a social media email signature for Gmail and other accounts. Click here to find out how.


  • Performance – Ensure your site is recognized (aka. SEO/Search Engine Optimized) by search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc.
  • Connect site to Google Analytics and review reporting each month.
  • Social Plug Ins – Add the product like plug in to product pages and Pin it feature.
  • Review Google Analytics to know your website is generating leads.
  • Update websites  with professional graphics each month to include promotions, products, events, and omit discontinued merchandise.
  • Replace old brand logos with new ones.
  • Or Ask popular Web Design Company

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