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How to Start Marketing on Twitter

Tweet. Tweet. If you think that’s just a bird you’re hearing, think again. The tweet is the single most marketable 140 characters on the planet. Twitter, the platform for the tweet, is a text-based social media that’s taken over news and media. Chances are you’ve...

Twitter Image Update: Twitter Gets a Facelift

If you haven’t heard the news, we LOVE Twitter! 140 characters has never been so sweet. So when I saw that Twitter was offering a new and improved viewing option, I was thrilled! With social media spring cleaning at the forefront of our minds, this enhanced Twitter...

SMM Warning: Twitter’s Limitations

We all know there are some things you just can’t do on Twitter – y’know, like, post Tweets above 140 characters, impersonating a major brand (I hope you already knew that!), post people’s credit card numbers, et cetera. But there are some other limitations to Twitter...

christi tasker

Christi Tasker

Award-Winning Tech Exec & Social Media Expert Seen On NBC News

Globally recognized as one of the first females in technology, Christi’s first won awards for interior design & retailing. As a digital media marketing motivational speaker & analytical creative brand director, Christi Tasker specializes in merging technology with human interactions to universally create better consumer experiences. Shop Christi Tasker see her Travel Tips & Best Interior Design Blogs. View her branding work on our sister company site Tasker Agency.

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