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How to Start Marketing on Pinterest

Ever heard of the “Pinterest Mom?” you know, those impossibly creative moms who can make a pair of earrings out of a tin can? If you haven’t heard the holler about Pinterest, it’s a hoot to navigate and endlessly creative. Not everyone can make a backyard tent out of...

SMM Update: Pinterest Gets Interesting

Well, I guess Pinterest has always been interesting – I mean the word “interest” is in the name!! But now they’re adding official “Interests” just in case you didn’t know that 😉 This could be big news for those of you out there who use Pinterest for marketing...

Is Pinterest Increasing Your Sales?

Is Pinterest Increasing Your Sales? Quick – what’s the purpose of social media marketing? There are lots of great answers you could throw in, and most of them are probably “right,” but if you didn’t think something along the lines of increasing business, you’re...

christi tasker

Christi Tasker

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Globally recognized as one of the first females in technology, Christi’s first won awards for interior design & retailing. As a digital media marketing motivational speaker & analytical creative brand director, Christi Tasker specializes in merging technology with human interactions to universally create better consumer experiences. Shop Christi Tasker see her Travel Tips & Best Interior Design Blogs. View her branding work on our sister company site Tasker Agency.

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