PuTTin’ OuT is a creative and innovative social media marketing agency that uses proprietary software to serve a variety of industries in the U.S. and around the world. Like the high-speed Autobahn, Social media is a fast-paced advertising medium that can effectively generate leads and increase sales of both products and services if the content and outreach strategy is implemented and maintained. Don’t miss your exit! Your customers are waiting!

We’re experts at navigating the ever-changing world of online branding and digital media marketing through social media strategies and content. We monitor it all so that brands we service don’t miss an opportunity. Our exclusive PuTTin’ OuT social media software ensures your marketing program gets results which in turn increases sales and brand exposure.

Creating a specific strategy, creating and curating exceptional content, and using social language in ways your audience will respond to, we achieve results for the following categories of brands:

Categories of Brands We Service

Conferences + Tradeshows

Product Manufacturers

Publications + Magazines

Interior Designers

Building Materials

Appliance Brands

Fashion Brands

Bloggers + Influencers

Public Relations Professionals

Marketing Agencies

Real Estate Companies

Developers + Builders

Health Care Professionals

Working in concert with our public relations and traditional branding and marketing firm, Tasker Agency, we maximize budgets across all advertising mediums. We love this business. Seeing our clients in the limelight makes the hairs on our arms stand up!


  • Completely manage their social media presence
  • Increase brand awareness and build a social media community of followers
  • Build content libraries for B2B companies, franchises, and brands
  • Craft strategies and review reporting to ensure social success
  • Consult, train, and update their marketing team on a monthly basis
  • Find social influencers across the web to encourage organic growth
  • Accelerate their social media accounts with targeted followers

Our skill and experience in reaching people and influencing across the social web has allowed us to achieve enormous results for our clients. Without a doubt we are the best and most attentive social media company that a business could ask for. If we can’t please you, it’s unlikely that anyone will! Notice we didn’t say that we are the cheapest social media company, so if you’re looking for no-cost advice, see our free social media blog… it’s our outlet to help future clients succeed on the social web until they’re ready to get more serious about getting social!.

Social Media Expert Speaker

Founder of PuTTin’Out
Christi Tasker

Founder of PuTTin’Out

For more than 10 years, Christi Tasker was a nationally acclaimed award-winning retailer and interior designer. While she treasured and nurtured her gift boutique and interior design company, she ultimately discovered her true passion – MARKETING and BRANDING! With an eye for detail that only comes from a skilled and experienced designer, Christi learned the secrets to creating a clear, concise brand – one both unmistakable and unforgettable − that would stand out from the crowd.

The interest in marketing and branding for businesses actually had its beginning in her family. As did many devoted moms, Christi shadowed her then eleven-year-old daughter, Macy, whenever she ventured online. On one particular day, Christi had an epiphany as she watched Macy scour MySpace for any news in the virtual world of “Webkinz.” Christi placed an order for those lovable furry friends, with their special codes for use with online games, and when they arrived, she shared the news on MySpace, not knowing at the time that she had crafted her first social media campaign.

When the college gates went down on Facebook, Christi immediately became one of the first non-college friends of Facebook. And more than just a casual user, she quickly discovered a side of Facebook that only programmers knew about – The Facebook Developer − full of options and tools to help companies better use the web.

Christi quickly recognized that marketers either needed to be formally educated about social media or needed a partner to manage their sites. She launched a social media marketing company, which today provides social media branding, strategy, monitoring and training worldwide.

Before long, she realized her ability to keep up with her many social media accounts was hampered by the lack of a suitable tool to keep everything in one place. Christi decided the best way to do a job properly was to “do it yourself” and developed PuTTin’ OuT (Socially Accepted) a set of tools to moderate, manage, create, schedule, and publish content, and automatically engage people, all in a single package.

In early 2009, Christi began traveling nationally as a social media expert speaker for various brands and businesses, and today is a sought-after social media keynote speaker at the foremost conferences worldwide. she also appears on NBC as a social media advisor/expert.

Social Media



Founder Christi Tasker takes notice of her eleven-year-old daughter Macy finding products on MySpace. Christi tests her first social media marketing campaign for her retail store, Ambiance Interiors & Gifts, Inc. on MySpace. The campaign targets kids 10 and up using a product they were all looking for – Webkinz. The objective is to get kids into the store with their parents.

Discovering Online Shop Potential

April 18, 2006

Founder Christi Tasker takes notice of her eleven-year-old daughter Macy finding products on MySpace. Christi tests her first social media marketing campaign for her retail store, Ambiance Interiors & Gifts, Inc. on MySpace. The campaign targets kids 10 and up using a product they were all looking for – Webkinz. The objective is to get kids into the store with their parents.

Newly Discovered Form of Marketing

April 18, 2007

Average sales increase more than 25% by 2007 thanks to Myspace. Christi’s use of social media campaigns for Ambiance Interiors & Gifts, Inc. to include what was a college-only site, Facebook. Christi begins educating other retailers at AmericasMart University on this newly discovered form of marketing.

SnapRetail and partner companies

April 28, 2009

Consulting in brand development begins with Snap Retail and partner companies. Christi begins consulting with venture capitalists and tech companies. Ambiance Interiors & Gifts wins an ARTS Award for Best Retailer East Coast Home Accent.

PuTTin’ OuT was born

April 18, 2010

Christi develops gift and home retailer educational seminars and how-tos for Las Vegas Market at World Market Center, SnapEdu, Dallas Market Center, AmericasMart Atlanta, and the New York International Gift Fair. PuTTin’ OuT is born! First client: Designer Dann Foley from Palm Springs. Ambiance Interiors & Gifts wins an ARTS Award for Best Retailer East Coast Home Accents

Ultimate Social Media Marketing Experience

April 18, 2011

The PuTTin’ OuT Online Marketing Dashboard is created to unify the social media marketing experience. PuTTin’ OuT create an online presence for Designer Dann and a complete licensable brand for DANN Foley Lifestyle Interiors. Clients begin pouring in: Feizy Rugs, Trend Lighting, Las Vegas Market, World Market Center, etc.

The Power of Pinterest

April 18, 2012

Christi writes The Power of Pinterest, her first book. She is also chosen as an NBC News expert social media advisor.

Chosen to be a Facebook partner! Wahooo!

April 18, 2013

PuTTin’ OuT is chosen to be a Facebook partner, and develops social media campaigns and content for clients around the US and in Canada, London, Paris, Holland, and the Dominican Republic.

Award Winner

April 28, 2014

We win the Public Relations Society of America Award for Social Media Marketing. And the Tech Exec Award for Community Exemplary for increasing traffic to Las Vegas.

New Offices

April 28, 2015

PuTTin’ OuT opens a Miami office. Creative branding and experiential marketing firm Tasker Agency is founded.

We look forward to PuTTin’ your brand OuT there

April 28, 2017

Meet the Team

Highly Trained and Creative experts

We Are Creative Professionals Delivering OuT-of-the-Box Solutions for Social Media Marketing

Imagine a culturally rich company filled with creative experts who are highly trained like the Ritz Carlton hotel staff in the area of social media. Voila! – You have us. Our diverse and creative team possesses a wide-range of skills, with each team member focusing on their area of expertise. Together we deliver innovative solutions for your social media marketing.

Collectively our education, skills, and experience are the perfect concoction for companies looking to do a better job of PuTTin’ OuT their social media message!

Boyd Tasker

Boyd Tasker


With his go-giving spirit and lover of his “baby” (aka. a Harley Davidson motorcycle), Boyd likes long really long rides! Got an unruly dog? Really! Bring them to Boyd! He loves taming wolves of all types.

With good eatable reason…we like to refer to him as @ChefBoydTasker! Check out his instagram and you’ll know why.

With a background that includes stints as a Ghost Busters of London travel guide, window sales rep, magazine publisher and Wall Street foreign currency trader that once worked on the 55th floor of the World Trade Center, Boyd Tasker is the consummate relationship builder. Focusing on sales and channel distribution for PuTTin’ OuT, Boyd is the ultimate social networker and go-giver!

Facebook and Linkedin are the best ways to communicate with him, but do check out his insta…

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Adriana Wallace

Adriana Wallace

Graphic Designer

Febreeze-lover, Venezuelan-food-connoisseur, and dancer when no one is watching.

Adriana also loves to travel, but as Dave always says, “Turns out not where, but who you’re with that really matters.”

As a creative visionary who makes magic from our strategies and visual content direction to our entire team all while her French bulldog Floyd snores away! Adriana is the ultimate decipher, mom, friend, and total tackler! Our notes, quirky language, and sometimes need for 5 different sizes of the same thing, can drive some batty! Not Adriana! She gets it and our clients receive perfect branding elements that create masterpieces for their social media content marketing. She is a real geek and even founded a non-profit organization just to help small businesses to succeed called Paint the World. She’s kind of been a geek all of her adult life. Check this out:

  • BFA, Interior Design-University of North Texas
  • AA, Biology-Broward Community College
  • Graduated with Honors
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Macy Tullis

Macy Tullis

Content Research Coordinator

Aspiring Registered Nurse (#RN) on her way to Licensed Nurse Practioner (#LNP) with a degree in (fill in the blank) Dissecting pigs, social media content, reports, analytics and anything else that gets in the way resides deep in Macy’s DNA.

Keep in mind she is our founder’s daughter and was the ONE being monitored on MySpace!

Macy loves working and studying with her two labs, Mama Marley and Georgia/ Finding unique experiences, and new applications, especially when it comes to online shopping & travel deals is a top priority for Macy. She enjoys Cabarete, Dominican Republic (D.R.), Las Vegas, New York, London, and anywhere in between. As weird as it may sound, she is also loves studying for her college classes and her results there show it as she consistently makes straight A’s! The President’s list contains her name along with the title “President” of her 2017 Class at University of North Georgia in Dahlonega, GA. There is not a better organized individually to ensure our team of 20’s workflow is managed and delivered to social media channels on time and correct!

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Javier Cervantes

Javier Cervantes


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Pamela Reeves

Pamela Reeves

Social Language Expert

Social Language Expert + Content Curator

  • Graduated International School of Bangkok, Thailand
  • Studied Fashion Marketing Worldwide
  • Georgia Commerce Club Ambassador of the Year 2011/2012
  • President GCC Toastmasters Club
  • Toastmasters Competent Communicator/Competent Leader

Thanks to her international eye and oversees studies, this woman is loaded with creative juices! Pamela has traveled the world, lived in Mexico, Africa, Thailand, and now she’s back in the U.S. {for awhile anyway}.

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Jay Pasana

Jay Pasana

Web Designer

  • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
  • Author –
  • Trainer – Web Design Internship
  • Online Business Strategist

A simple guy next door creative designer and entrepreneur.

Currently based in US, Jay is the founder of Philippine Virtual Assistant Network, Philippines largest community of Virtual Assistants

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Joshua Richet

Joshua Richet

Web Developer

  • 20 year coding veteran
  • Instructor At the Kelowna Institute for Art & Technology – Web Application Development

A 20 year programming veteran from the frozen wasteland of Canada.

Josh is a true computer geek with expertise in many areas of software development and server magic. When he’s not doing everything possible to make his clients look great online, Josh can be found at one of many local watering-holes rocking a crowd with his guitar or ripping down a mountain with a snowboard strapped to his feet.

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Maria Batocabe

Maria Batocabe


  • Graduated at CVE Colleges Inc. in Computer Programming

Maria got her college degree in computer programming. While in school, she also enjoyed badminton and dancing, though generally not at the same time.

A workaholic, she decompresses by traveling and loves to watch the sunset and sunrise from the beach. She likes stargazing, too, so we’re pretty sure she never sleeps.

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Tom Schek

Tom Schek

Marketing and Communications

Tom graduated from Central Michigan University, or as he likes to call it, “the Harvard of the Midwest,” with a degree in cardiac rehab. This, of course, led to a career in marketing and communications.

A basketball fan, youth coach and player, he is pretty sure he still has everything he needs to play in the bigs – other than the height and skill.  Outside of work, he enjoys a number of creative pursuits including oil painting and wood carving.

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Charlo Baysan

Charlo Baysan

Web Designer

With over 6 years experience in Web Development, he already completed hundreds of projects for small to big clients.

Ron-Ron Cani

Ron-Ron Cani

Web Developer

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Roy Robert Desquitado

Roy Robert Desquitado

Marketing and Communications

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

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What Our Clients Say

We love getting a note of thanks

Christi is a detailed expert in her line of work. I would highly recommend her as a source for social media. She is personable, fun and knows what it takes to help with marketing your business!

Robin Barbaree

Sales Representative

Christi Tasker and her team at Puttin’ Out have been instrumental in establishing our social media presence and creating a cohesive “brand voice” across our family of brands. She is uniquely skilled at developing a systematic plan of action customized to our specific company and industry needs. She brings an energetic and passionate approach to everything she does and is genuinely committed to helping us achieve our goals.

Trevor Cohen

CEO Giftcraft Ltd. | Toronto, ON

Christi Tasker is a powerful influencer and brand marketer. She combines social media skills, industry expertise and a strong design background to drive measurable results for her customers. I am pleased to recommend her work.

Dorothy Belshaw

President, Gift and Home Decor


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