The reason people hire me to amp up their social presence is usually because they don’t know much about social media and don’t have the time to learn it – so I’ve seen a lot of big-time missed opportunities in my day!

Some of you SMM pros out there will already know all this stuff, but those aren’t the people who hire people like me! So if you’re still testing the waters with the whole social media thing, here are some common rookie mistakes to look OuT for.

Complete Profiles

I said these were rookie mistakes, didn’t I 😉

People too busy for spending lots of time on social media usually think it’s enough to have “the gist” of their profiles filled out – but that’s never the case. I can’t stress it enough, so I’ll use Caps Lock: COMPLETE ALL YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES TO 100%!!!

That means images, addresses, and the all-too-commonly neglected completing verification via email/mobile phone.

Get Your Website in Order

This might be the most important tip I have – before you start your social campaigns, make sure your website is optimized, including the fastest website load speed you can get. You don’t want people actually getting to your website to find it’s too slow or that it doesn’t load properly – they’ll NEVER come back!!

Also, be sure to verify your site by adding this HTML code:

<meta name=”p:domain_verify” content=”fd3a5438d63c3ed3a71fbf51f930ba81″/>

Get Diverse

People often think Facebook and Twitter are enough – and that used to be true. But now there are dozens of social sites, and the most successful companies are on an average of 7 of them. So be sure to get on all these little-used social media outlets, too.

Blurry Logos

Your logo needs to be clear everywhere you use it, and sometimes that means reformatting it or resizing it for optimal profile resolutions. Get your graphics person (or do it yourself in some basic image editing software) to fit all logo images according to each site you’re using. They’ll tell you the resolutions on the upload manager, so just follow suit!

Custom Images

Fill up those social profiles with custom images. People are tired of the generic round stick people graphics everybody was using last year.

Invite Your Network

Don’t forget about your friends, colleagues, and family! Invite everyone in your personal network to follow and Like your pages. It’s free publicity!


Know any more common SMM mistakes? Tell me what you’ve seen in the comments!

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