Call it business to business marketing, b2b marketing, good business, or just plain boring; no matter what you call it, your business to business marketing probably could use an injection of excitement.

If you’re still relying on the dull, text-heavy newsletter no one reads anymore, you may want to read up on these tips for un-boringizing your B2B marketing.

1. HTML Newsletters

Your business contacts are bored of the big blocks of text you send them weekly or monthly. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

Even if you have to hire “an HTML guy” or a digital designer specifically for newsletters, you need to have elegant, intriguingly designed newsletters that use fun/informative images with minimal text. Remember, they have businesses to run, too and don’t want to waste time any more than you do. Make your newsletters quick and valuable.

2. Use Video

No matter what medium use employ for your business to business marketing, use video. Consider even making your entire message video with minimal supporting text. Either way, the key here is to have something quick and informative that is less likely to be ignored. And remember to improve your YouTube presence while you’re at it!

3. Easy on the Self-Promotion

They get it, you’re great. Otherwise you wouldn’t have made them a part of your b2b marketing to begin with.

It’s implied that you have some sort of value to offer, so cut as much of the self-promotion as possible and just leave your b2b marketing to the basics.

4. Remember: What’s in It for Them?

The key to business to business marketing is conveying a mutual need. Obviously, you need business, but why do they need an association with what you’re offering?

This piggy-backs off number 3. Keep it simple and let your benefits speak for themselves. It’s like conversation; people like to talk about themselves, not hear about other people’s accomplishments. So make it more about them than about you and they won’t tune you out.

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5. Engage with Social Media Marketing

It wouldn’t be PuTTin’ OuT without a bit of social media marketing help.

If you’ve already got a mutual following on the social media planes of your b2b partners’ preferences, then put it to good use. Remember, your following isn’t strictly the average consumer, so don’t spend all your social media marketing efforts on them. Give the business to business marketing strategies some attention, too, and engage these people directly on occasion.

6. Don’t Be All-Business

A business-to-business relationship doesn’t have to be business all the time. Don’t you shoot the breeze with your employees? Don’t you enjoy some reprieve from the business part of your business?

Business to business marketing isn’t strictly a marketing practice; it’s also a social practice. Send holiday greetings or birthday (possibly even business birthday) wishes if the information is readily available (you don’t want to seem like a stalker).

7. Take Interest

Especially for banks! (Financial pun.)

Your b2b contacts are people, too; they have real interests. When you communicate with them, try to get a feel for what those interests are. Send along useful articles or videos that relate to those interests, and you’ll prove you’re a real, caring person, too.

And speaking of “interest,” you’ve got to see the real reason people share no social media!

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