I know ya’ll already know the Power of Pinterest (if not, you’d better get to it!). But Pinterest just made their ever-growing website even more powerful with the introduction of Rich Pins. And if you’re running a Pinterest Business account, now’s the time to get ’em!!

What Are Rich Pins?

Rich Pins are like regular Pins – but with magical powers to increase your revenue, website traffic, and branding presence. Which is really everything you could ever want a Pin to do for you!!

The geniuses running Pinterest realized there are 5 major types of Pins that businesses, companies, and brands post, so they made an interactive/actionable new method of Pinning for each.


I know this is the one you’re most EXCITED about. I know I am!! This is big news for marketing campaigns, because now you can post your products individually with purchase details. Now THAT’s how to use Pinterest to increase sales!!


Now you can Pin articles (even your own blogs!) and include the details needed to read them anytime, so Repinners can store them away and get to them when they have a chance – or come back to their favorites!


One of the best things to do on Pinterest is look at some of the most beautiful places in the world. People post places all the time, and now these Pins get linked up to contact and location details.


Alright, so YOU are probably not Pinning flicks for your business, but others are. Movie Pins display all the vital info right in the details, including cast and crew and even the Rotten Tomatoes rating.


We’ve all done it – engaged in #foodporn on Pinterest. It’s an addiction, and that’s okay. And now Rich Pins includes complete recipe details underneath so you can (try to) make them yourself! Wooohooo!!

How to Get Rich Pins

It’s a little on the technical side, so if you’re not versed in HTML and embedding and all that jazz, maybe get your web person a shout. You can see on their site how to get Rich Pins in the meantime, though.


Are you as excited as I am about Rich Pins? Tell me about it in the comments!!

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