What do you usually share on social media? No, I don’t mean what you share via your business or what you share for marketing purposes. I mean you yourself as an individual on your own time, of your own volition, with absolutely no agenda.

Because that’s where your market is. That is where you need to be thinking – not from a marketing angle.

Studies Show…

Numbers don’t lie, and the numbers are in for Ipsos OTX, the world’s leader in market research and data. Of the 71% of global social media users who share anything, far and away the largest significant portion do so because they found something they find… “interesting.”

In fact, 61% of all those 12k+ surveyed report that as a prime reason for sharing. Sure, “funny” did well (43%), and things that are actually “important” (43% as well) did fine. But overall, if people are sharing, it’s probably just plain interesting.

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Point Being?

If you use social media marketing to set your business and brand apart (which you should be doing!), this matters to you!

If people are sharing interesting things most often, then appealing to that tendency can really bring a boost to how much your users share what you post. And as we all know, sharing is one of the most essential parts of a social media presence.

It’s all about your followers, and the easier, the more appealing you can make it for them, the more likely they are to reward you with some engagement – quality engagement. You can use all the bots and schemes you want, but nothing compares to quality engagement that brings real shares, likes, and discussions to your social pages.

So what do you usually share? What kinds of posts do your followers share with their friends? Let us know!

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