We online marketing folk have to always be on the lookout for what Google’s doing next – and sometimes that means being on the lookout for what Google might do next.

SEO/SERP (Search Engine Results Page) big shot Dr. Peter J. Meyers just wrote up a post on Moz.com of his predictions for possible 2014 Google updates. These hypothetical, but they’re all based on intensive research from one of the industry’s figureheads. Here are a few of the possible implications.

Google Will Integrate Ads into Search Results

That’s right. Not just side-bar CPCs that people mostly ignore, not just top and bottom ads, but ads right there within the search results next to all the organic leads. This would be huge for advertisers.

This would also lead to a need for more genuine advertising – Google wouldn’t want to risk cheapening user experience by having spammy posts in the middle of everything, similar to the Instagram sponsored posts. This would probably mean more expensive ads, but also much higher CTR and conversion rates, especially considering how much slicker the ads will look (no background color change).

Inside the Box

Know how Google results come in little boxes on your smartphone? We might start seeing that on desktops, too. This would be an interesting way to keep the user experience consistent, and Dr. Pete has more to say on that in his post.

Google Will Tell You Everything You Need to Know

You’ve probably noticed Google’s search results occasionally answer a question you type in right in the top of the results (try searching “spanish for table”). Turns out we might start seeing even more of that, with answers coming direct from a website, including a link to the page. All the more incentive to be an expert in your field!

In all, it seems Google is trying to make itself the be-all end-all of internet data (in case it isn’t already). This will be the internet’s one source for all information you need to know and an improved connection to bridge users to that information.

So start brushing up on your Google Analytics knowledge and be prepared for a new push for your Google search marketing in 2014! And be sure to keep up with the PuTTin’ OuT social media marketing blog to keep up with the changes as they become known for sure.

Are you as excited as we are about 2014’s Google changes? Let us know what’s got you pumped in the comments!

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