Just like a vintage car or a bad back or a nice garden or a fine woman (wink 😉 a website requires continual attention if you want to rely on it to be there for you. It’s not something you can just “set and forget,” as the saying goes.

So, if you’re doing “everything” you can to boost SEO, you might want to take a moment to look over this list and make sure you’re doing the little things right, first.

Is It User-Friendly?

More than keywords or meta descriptions or backlinks, this is the most important aspect of a website. If 10,000 people visit it daily but leave immediately because of load problems, slow speeds, lack of responsiveness, clutter, etc., it’ll be for nothin’!

Surf your site – as in the WHOLE THING – and look for problems. Have your team do it, too. Pause your promotion/marketing campaigns while you fix so you’re not attracting new people to an under-construction site.

Image Tagging/Titling

This little tip is deceptively HUUUGE for promoting websites. Not only can proper image tagging for SEO get you an extra kick of RELEVANT keywords, but it can even get you found in image searches!

Drop Duplicate URLs Like They’re…

This is something most users won’t notice, but search crawlers will. Restructuring website URLs for SEO takes some back-end work (I’m sure there has to be a better phrase for that…), some planning, and willingness to give up on some old URLs, but it’s DEFINITELY worth it.

Fix Those Broken Links

If you’ve got 404 errors and missing hyperlinks – and if you’re not sure if you do, then you do – then your search rankings are getting knocked. Don’t worry – fixing broken links is usually pretty darn easy.

Update Metas

If you haven’t paid any attention to your meta descriptions, then they’re probably not pretty. Make sure when people find your website in search results they like what they see and want to know more.

Watch Your Blog

I don’t need to tell you blogging matters a LOT for SEO. Just make sure you’re not making the SEO blogging mistakes we made ourselves. That means you have to really nurture your blog and spend some time (or money) on it. Quality, quality, quality – or it’s all in vain.

Link OuT to Other Outlets

Social sites in particular should have icons all over your website to promote social sharing and following, a major component in Google SEO these days people are still ignoring for some reason.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned for a possible second part to this if you…


Have any more tips or questions about little website SEO tricks?! Fire away in the comments!

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