Tumblr isn’t even in the iOS dictionary – that’s one way of knowing it’s not being talked about much. Facebook, Pinterest, even MySpace are in the auto-fill, but Tumblr? What the heck is that? In fact, we even left it out of our earlier post on the best social media marketing sites that aren’t Facebook!

Right now there are over 140 million blogs on Tumblr. This is a platform that’s getting over 80 million posts daily, that boasts over 10 billion page views in a month. That’s right. Read those numbers again, and then tell me why you don’t need to be using Tumblr.

Today we’ll be making sure this not-so-new social platform is getting the attention it deserves. For those already using it, you can probably skip this post and look for our next post on Tumblr marketing.

Blogging… Sort Of

I don’t need to tell you how important blogging is for marketing – that alone is a big part of this very social media marketing agency. But what about micro blogging?

That’s the name of Tumblr’s game. Similar to how Tweeting is basically miniature Facebook posting (or even micro blogging in its own way), using Tumblr is like providing a quick fix on multi media for your followers. Like Pinterest (not using Pinterest marketing? Better start!), Tumblr makes its presence felt largely on posting and reposting eye candy.

Dashboard Power!

The main draw for Tumblr is how quick, entertaining, and simple it is. Use centers around a basic dashboard with a beautiful feed full of big images and gifs (seriously, MS Word knows “gifs” but not “Tumblr”?).

The main draw for Tumblr users is seeing what other people are posting. You can “like” individual posts and then view them in a nice stream later, but you can also follow interesting users and get a luscious feed chock full of great stuff, then contribute your own.

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and… Tumbl!

Already on Tumblr? Tell us how you use it in the comments below!

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