Who do you picture when you think of Facebook users? If you’re like most people, you probably picture high schoolers burying their faces in their iPhones in restaurants, crossing busy streets, sitting through church, yadda yadda, updating their feeds with how bored they are and commenting on selfies. But apparently that’s becoming less and less true.

According to CNN, Facebook’s Chief Financial Advisor just admitted that the site is seeing a decline in interest from the “young teen” demographic. The site that started with college kids, blew up with high school kids, and then expanded out to everybody else and their mothers is apparently starting to slip.

That’s Sort of Okay – Maybe

Considering the young teen  demographic is probably not in most of our markets, Facebook marketing shouldn’t suffer much for the majority of brands out there. Unless you sell flat-billed hats or bejeweled phone covers or potato chip tacos or whatever kids are spending their parents’ money on these days.

However, this could be a bad sign. Since teens had a huge hand in the Facebook boom over the past decade, their slow exit could mean declining interest for other demographics, too. And since teens do whatever other teens do, the exodus could be exponential as every other teenager says “Oh yeah, I’m bored of Facebook, too…” when a popular kid admits she “Like, never checks” her Facebook anymore. In the meantime, keep trying to improve your Facebook presence – it still matters.

The Multimedia Bug

It seems the social media markets that are really thriving these days are the quick and dirty ones where visuals and immediate engagement are the thing. Twitter still holds their attention (in case you needed a reason to boost your Twitter marketing campaigns), and just look at the burst in success Vine has seen.

Facebook started getting in on this bandwagon when they acquired Instagram, and have since started putting it to work to build their revenue with Instagram sponsored posts. We’ll see how that goes.

In the meantime, be sure to look into Tumblr. As a huge social site with a huge 25-and-under following, you’ll want to get a Tumblr marketing campaign going soon.

Do teens matter to your Facebook campaigns? Have you spotted these trends? Let us know in the comments below!

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