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Tumblr Terminology Glossary

All you Tumbl-rs out there probably already know the Tumblr lingo – and also that it’s a unique environment with a TON of memes, phrases, and habits that you’ll only find there. It isn’t for everyone, and some people can even find it offensive. But if your market is...

Very Useful Tips for Tumblr Sharing

Hopefully by now you’re already actively using Tumblr (if you’re not, you probably missed my post about why Tumblr matters for social media marketing!!) – but if you haven’t yet mastered the whole microblog thing, maybe it’s time for some tips! I hope you’re EXCITED –...

Tumbr Writes TOS People Should Actually Read

It’s the source of one of the most common lies on all of the internet (other than your birth year on Facebook 😉 – and it’s also one of the most boring, yet most important features of any legitimate online service out there. People really don’t ever read Terms of...

Tumblr: It’s All about Analytics!

If you’ve been following what we have to say about improving your SEO prowess, you know optimizing your web presence is all about understanding your website analytics. Every great campaign starts with knowledge, and Tumblr is no different! Tumblr Marketing Tumblr can...

Social Media You’re Not Using: Tumblr

Tumblr isn’t even in the iOS dictionary – that’s one way of knowing it’s not being talked about much. Facebook, Pinterest, even MySpace are in the auto-fill, but Tumblr? What the heck is that? In fact, we even left it out of our earlier post on the best social media...

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