Getting the “fans” and the “likes” is easy.

Keeping these fans engaged? Takes work!

1) Give ‘em what they want. Educate your fans on your market. Ask (and answer!) questions like “What is the best way to…?” and “How often do you need to…?” People want to know what makes you better than your competitors…show them that you know your market!

2) Respond to their concerns and compliments quickly, and use their name. People LOVE being acknowledged! Not only that, but your fans “write” your content for you…take advantage! One idea: Use their name in a status, such as, “Mary Jones, we had a blast hanging out with you today while you shopped! Please come by again, soon!” Your post will then be on their wall, giving you exposure to everyone who subscribes to their feed.

3) Post after business hours. Studies have shown that posting outside of business hours brings 20% higher engagement. Why? People are less likely to be checking their Facebook profiles at work!

And to really boost engagement, be sure to see the one thing people look for most to share!

What other practices have you found? Let us know!

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