I should preface this by saying that if you don’t use Google Chrome – START using it!!

Anyway, now that that’s said, think about how much your browser is doing to help your social presence. If all it’s doing is enabling you to log in to the websites, it’s not carrying its weight! So expect more from your browser, get Google Chrome, and install these babies for some big-time Pinterest tools you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

The Pinterest Browser App

Well let’s start with the most obvious one – the Pinterest browser app! Okay, so this one’s more of a luxury than a necessity, but with it you can link right up to your business Pinterest profile (or any other one for that matter). With this you can see and Pin URLs on the fly, saving at least a few seconds of your precious time.

Pin It Button

This extension is FANTASTIC! (PINTASTIC?!)

With the Pin It Button installed, you can literally pin any image at any time while you’re browsing, right from your, well, browser. What could be easier than that?!


You’re already a Shareaholic, so why not make it official? This extension is definitely a must-have for Pin-adicts that shows you how many times ANYTHING has been pinned on a webpage as you browse. Use a browser without it and you’ll get phantom-Pincount syndrome, trust me.

Pinterest Image Expander

This guy’s definitely a luxury, but there’s no looking back once you have it. The Pinterest Image Expander is definitely exactly what it sounds like, which is awesome. Just hover your mouse over an image and it’ll enlarge right before your eyes so you don’t have to click it into a separate pop-up.

Pinterest Wishpond Contest

We all know social media these days is all about being active on different profiles, and this little guy can really help with diverse social engagement.

The Wishpond Contest App “allows your clients to upload Pinterest boards and have others vote on their favourite entries” (pardon the non-US spelling ;). You can link each contest to any of your existing social media channels so that anytime someone signs up for one (with their email address!), it gets broadcast via that channel for organic social growth. BOO-yah!!

Pinterest Email Signature

Ever wish you could tell people what you’ve Pinned every time you email? Probably not, but that might be because you didn’t know you wanted to!

The Pinterest Email Signature isn’t just an anonymous link to your profile, it’s a beautiful collection of recent pins that entices people to check out your profile by showing them how cool the things you post are.

(And if you’re looking for a more traditional style, check out my post on creating social media email signatures!)


Got more Pinterest apps you can’t do without? Let me know in the comments!

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