When it comes to marketing, there’s almost nothing better than free publicity, no matter what industry you’re in. And if you’re an expert in your industry, I’ve got good news: you’ve got some fantastic ways to get free advertising sitting right in your head RIGHT NOW!

Here’s how to get some pro bono promotion from publications by PuTTin’ in a little writing time.

Deciding Where to Try to Publish Posts/Articles

I typically like to approach editors for magazines or websites when I actually find their existing content useful and yet think of additional ideas or advice I think their audience might be interested in. Sometimes writers even find me via my social channels and ask for quotes.

If this happens, you’ll get a byline on a professional publication, so take it seriously! Remember, writers are always on deadlines, so be conscious of the golden rule of ‘timing is everything’!

Establishing a Relationship with a Publication

Sometimes I email site editors with blog title ideas or pitches – much like a press release pitch –so they know I exist and what I’m knowledgeable about.

Check in with these editors and try to establish a working relationship, and even if they don’t assign you a spot, they may reach out to you with an idea of their own!

Check Publishing Calendars

Most magazines have publishing calendars to plan their content. Check the “Advertise with Us” section of their website – in most cases this is where the Editorial Calendar is.

I use this calendar to get a feel for what the editors are going to be looking for throughout the year. Yes, you can use the same or similar pitches to various magazines as long as you re-word or craft the content idea to suit the editorial calendar. For instance, if there’s an interior design magazine that’ll be featuring simple closets, I might submit a closet piece from a larger project I submitted for another editorial calendar requesting whole house projects.

Getting the Most Reach for Each Post

Links are a marketer’s best friend! They tell us what people are interested in and what provokes a response from a reader. Elaborate on your content by including links back to your own website or blog (some places only allow this in the byline).

And make sure you’re ready for traffic once it arrives – you know, like subscription forms for generating new leads!

Then, share the post on social sites (even blog about the blog!). This gives you or your company a third-party recommendation without tooting your own horn. Hey! After all, you’re just sharing what someone else published about you! 🙂

Finally, feature their logo on your site. I’m listed in NBC’s rolodex as a Social Media Expert and author of an e-book on the Power of Pinterest. Therefore I can use their logo on my own site to let passersby know I have an affiliation with NBC and any other venues I contribute to.

It’s important to extend your reach with other publications to develop authority. No advertising dollar can buy editorial in national publications or highly rated 2.0 blogs that might provide a link back to your website, so get writing!


How do you get free advertising/backlinks? Share some tips in the comments!

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