This will read like a cheesy infomercial: “So you’re tired of seeing a bump in 15 followers and then NOTHING? Maybe you’ve been trying to raise those numbers for a while … Well, PuTTin’ OuT can equip you to excel on Twitter for GOOD! (and it’s free too! Money-back guarantee ) ? All joking aside if you want to gain Twitter followers, here are 8 .. well 7 1/2 tricks (I’ll explain later…) you can try to gain Twitter followers FAST:

    1. Tweet it Back: Retweets, people! Retweets stroke a Twitter user’s online ego like your favorite Christmas cat meme. If you see something you like, send it along. Twitter is a pay-it-forward platform, and you will see new followers and your line of retweets as well.
    2. The Conversation: The ever-impressive @Mention is big business on Twitter. The more you send out @mentions to others, the more you’ll see the interaction and gain followers in the meantime. This includes big-name Twitterers, too. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of an everyday Twitter user receiving a celebrity’s response. On Twitter, everything is public, and EVERYTHING is seen. I recently noticed Mr. Bean was following me on Twitter. Yes THE Mr. Bean, if Twitter is correct. (And I’ll take it ? )
    3. Use Trending Subjects: Twitter makes it easy a pie to see the trending hashtags and topics of the day, the minute, even the YEAR. Take advantage and hop on it. Here’s a little brush-up on your hashtag research while you’re at it.
    4. Find that Sweet Spot: By sweet spot, we mean sweet time, baby. Test out the interaction you receive on a Tweet in the morning. How about lunchtime? After dinner? Depending on your followers, where you live, and what you’re tweeting about, you can gauge when it’s best to Tweet to get the most responses and MORE followers! Sweet spot? Tweet spot – for SPOT-on marketing, you can count on!
    5. Create a Special Hashtag: Make it yours and tweet it often. You never know when someone might see it, jump on the bandwagon, and you have your very own trending topic.
    6. Play into “Game” Hashtags: For example, #femaleamovie (that one’s kinda funny, check it out). Tweet it @ someone who’s a big tweeter, and you may get more response. (See what I’m doing here? You can combine any one of these steps to get MORE notice, too!).
    7. Round Fans into Twitter: Put a disclaimer on your blog and other sites to suggest Twitter. Even getting your @handle out there will help recognition.

7 1/2. Get on a Follow Train (like #MGWV). I only constitute this as a half. It is a slippery slope. “Follow Trains” are “followers” who will follow back and retweet you religiously to gain followers, but they also clog your feed with a lot of this:

You can always go to the “…” icon and mute their feed if it gets annoying. It does work to get you followers, but you’ll only have as many people as you follow. In general, you are trying to gain fans reading your posts and interacting because they WANT to, not because they want the numbers. Numbers are great, but loyal fans last forever?

Our software can automate many of these things, but it’s your interaction; it will help you grow. Twitter is about quirky, personal stuff – 140 characters of PURE awesome. Translate your modern and rebellious nature to Twitter. It will make everything social media experts like us are doing behind the scenes that much better.

Allright, lay it on me. Have you tried the “Follow Trains” and are they worth it in your opinion?

Join me for a wild ride!

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