While the internet allows you to reach more clients at once, no brand should ever lose on the customer service front.  Consider the following to keep people you reach coming back.

1)  Remember, social media channels are public.  If clients are Tweeting or Facebooking you to no avail, realize that social media users can post about their lack of satisfaction.  Similarly, should you respond in a prompt and effective manner, your client is likely to let their friends and followers know!

2)  Evaluate how urgent your client’s inquiry is.  If it is a quick fix, go ahead and offer some quick solutions.  If you feel that their problem is more complex, let them know that their comment has been received, and someone will get back to them with a response as soon as possible.  This will demonstrate the efficiency and care with which your company operates.

3) Consider where your clients are heading for help, and act accordingly.  If you are seeing more and more of your clients heading towards Twitter and Facebook (though you may be surprised who’s really engaging on Facebook!), invest in more support for those avenues.  Remember, a consumer is not looking for an automated response, and the right help from a company can create a client for life!

What about you? Have any other tips for customer support in the social media age?