Social Media Paper Boy

Ever wonder how we social media marketing masters get our posts in front of the eyes of so many adoring readers (hopefully including you ;)? It’s not because our posts are louder than yours. It isn’t just that they’re so exceptionally eye-catching (though it doesn’t hurt to customize Facebook thumbnail images!).

The real secret? Getting it all OuT there fast!

Every Post, Every Network

As I’ve mentioned before, you’ve got to complete every social media profile out there – I mean ALL of ’em! You can’t just settle for Facebook and Twitter anymore. Succeeding in social media takes a fuller approach these days so you can ensure you’re engaging your followers on every level they’re available.

So how do you do that? Start simple by simply writing up your post for Facebook, and try to keep it somewhere in the ballpark of 120 characters so it’s to the point and so you have enough space to still add some hashtags and a link back to your website (very important).

Then, literally copy and paste this post to the rest of your social networks! Just be sure to tweak:


  • Keep an eye on that character count!
  • Implement popular Twitter hashtags
  • Include Twitter handles/CTAs like “RT”


  • Change Twitter verbiage to Instagram, e.g. “instalike,” “doubletap,” and “like”
  • Use image-oriented hashtags


  • Change verbiage to “comment” and “repin”


  • Load up with (relevant) image-oriented hashtags
  • Change CTAs to “reblog,” “like,” and “reply”


  • Same as Facebook

From there, schedule posts simultaneously and test to see what times of day work best for your following. It helps to keep things organized with a spreadsheet, but whatever you’ve got to do to stay on-task and get your content out there at the same time should do.


How do you distribute all your social posts? Share some tips below!