What’s under your shirt? If you asked Argentina, they may just have a superhero costume. Kinda like the Hulk (minus the anger issues), Argentina has grown immensely in the social media ring. And I mean immense. They saw a 73 percent spike between 2010 and 2013.

Rounding out our International Social Media month, we give you the big and bad Argentina – superhero, superhuman, and a little bit crazy over Facebook.

Facebook Rules… and Dogs…. Well, You Know…

Social devotion is big these days in social media. If you don’t believe me, ask Guatemala. Argentina has a little bit of a crush on Facebook in the last few years that’s left us all wondering how far the relationship has gone. Argentina has an 83 percent penetration rate for Facebook, leaving other social media sites to suffer the last few years.

As mobile use has grown, however, Argentina has responded readily to other sites like a champ. (Pardon the sports references but hey… it’s the World Cup!!). Sites like Pinterest and LinkedIn have growth in a year of over 200 percent. Ask.fm had a 770 percent spike. Yes. You read that right.

I expect Argentina (and many other countries) to make bigger shifts to other social media as they become more integrated. Facebook was the gateway drug. Now they’re hooked.

No Social Bias

Usually social media users are not the same as internet users. If you pay your bills online, you still won’t be a shoe-in Twitter user and Pinterest aficionado. In Argentina, however, these two things are essentially the same.

Meaning Argentinian internet users are ALL social media lovers? Yes!!! The demographic in the last few years has been virtually the same. You use the internet, you probably have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. etc. you get my drift.

Company is as Company Does

If you don’t believe that an internet presence is important for your business, Argentina sure does. More than 60 percent of Argentine companies have their foot in social media. That means Facebook across the board at 48 percent, 40 percent Twitter accounts and 20 percent corporate blogs.

While that’s a lot of number vomit, I’ll just say that Argentine companies know what we’ve known for years – if you don’t have a social presence, you’re not doing great business and social media engagement shouldn’t be ignored.

The most established international sites are grabbing Argentina’s attention, but who can blame them? At the top of their game, I can’t help but say that I’m lovin’ what I’ve heard of them.

Where does your social loyalty lie? Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Have you seen yourself grow from one media to the next?

Join me for a wild ride!

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