Are you using the new Facebook Timeline to engage your brand?

There are so many new tools now to help you reach your audience. Be fun, be creative, and be smart.

Some great examples to get you started:

1)  Coca Cola uses riddles that, once solved, lead their fans to interactive sites. These games get fans curious and brings them back often to see the newest and latest: what a smart idea!

Ideas: are you a weight loss company? Link to a fun recipe site! What about a restaurant? Link to an invitation for a Saint Patrick’s Day party!

2)  Captain Morgan has put “historical” dates on their Timeline, bringing fans to explore the life of their fictional captain.

Ideas: Don’t have a fictional tie-in? Post about the biggest days of your company’s past, but add a pop-culture reference! For instance, maybe you opened the day Madonna’s first single was released. You could write, “While the world was being introduced to the Material Girl, we were opening up our doors!’

3) ESPN is using the “fill-in-the-blank” method of getting fans to engage! Nothing begs for fan interaction, like getting people to shout out their favorite team!

Ideas: Your brand is a band? Invite fans to help write a song by filling in the blanks, filming a commercial? Ask your fans who they think would be the celebrity best associated with your brand! And don’t forget to post what people are really looking to share!

For more quirky and effective ideas, click here.

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What are your favorite Timeline practices? Let’s get some ideas flowing in the comments below!

Join me for a wild ride!

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