Hopefully if you made it to this post, you came by way of the first two parts in our 3-part series to help you improve your LinkedIn profile. If you haven’t seen them yet, be sure to start back at Part 1 here, or if you skipped it, head back to Part 2 here.

 Alright, now let’s get going on the final edition of Ways to Work Your LinkedIn Profile! Wahhhhooooo!!!

 11. Update Quarterly

I would just say to add updates to your profile regular like you put it on an Ensure diet, but keep in mind that this isn’t the be-all-end-all for your self-marketing tactics. It’s incredibly important to run a consistent ship here so more people can find you and so those who do will be impressed by you, but in the end, if you devote too much attention to it you might spend too little time on other outlets like Facebook, Twitter (even as a small business, you need this), or your own website. Just incase you’re one of those forgetful people, it’s a good idea to add a TO DO in your calendar to update all social profiles quarterly. This is your ENSURE diet for savory social sales and reaching goals.

In fact, you may want to see our rundown of all the social media websites you might be missing out on to ensure you’re not missing out. Hey! New sites pop up all the time!

12. Mind the Headline

What’s the first thing you notice on any webpage? The opening headline! The same is true of your LinkedIn profile, so make sure this is strong. Pack it to the brim with juicy, unique phrases that reframe the way people expect someone in your industry to be identified. But remember, just don’t make it too long. Fortunately for you, LinkedIn has you covered there by limiting the number of characters your headline can be.

13. Customize Your URL

Christi Linkedin

This is a minor little thing, but it can make a huge difference. Adjusting your LinkedIn profile URL not only makes it better optimized for web searching, but makes it easier to identify and share, as well. No one wants to click on a profile with an extension like “/qrz-xiob39-02oknc” when they could click “Christi-Tasker-Social-Media-Marketing-Master”!

No, I’m really not that vain, as maybe I should be for SEO purposes, my profile is simply: http://www.linkedin.com/in/christitasker. Feel free to check out my profile. Fingers XX I’ve updated mine before you get there…

14. How’s Your Pic?

This should go without saying, but you never know, these days. Make sure your profile picture is professional and accurate. I know you want to keep that photo from your 30th birthday up, but let’s face it, you’re 40 now (I mean “36…”), and that’s who people will be working with. And considering I’m a public social media speaker I love to show expressions and just be me!

Regardless of your picture, keep it high-resolution and make sure it shows how you present yourself in a business environment. And whatever you do, DO NOT post a picture of you with anyone else, not even your kids! This site isn’t for personal friendship. You are you! No one wants to think they have to carry you and your baggage if they hire you or consider your services. Save it for Facebook.

15. Start Discussions

Think of discussions as similar to blogs. There have been times I’ve been searching for some tips or news on a certain niche of social media marketing practices, and found myself on a discussion posted by a LinkedIn user. You don’t have to post these all the time, but even just spinning a personal blog for one can mean grabbing a new client’s attention.

BONUS: Keep in Touch

Be sure to keep in touch with your connections via messages on special occasions, or even just when you think of it. Maintaining that engagement is important. To help you do just that, PuTTin’ Out software even has a LinkedIn application that sends out personalized birthday messages to fellow users, so you can look like you remembered! You can also post messages to LinkedIn Groups and converse in these groups by liking and commenting from our software too! J

Well, ladies and gentlemen, that wraps up another series on taking you from social media newbie to social media master – maybe one day you’ll even get as good as I am! I’m totally kidding. I wouldn’t dare make you think I do all of this myself for every client. I realize I may look crazy, and I am, but our team is awesome too!

If you’re looking for a new series to dig your proverbial heels into, check out our series on why you’re probably failing at social media marketing, or peruse the rest of our posts here! And while you’re on LinkedIn, check out the official page of my e-book Power of Pinterest here.

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