If you’re still hungry for more tips for your LinkedIn profile, you’re in the right place. Welcome back to this exciting, short series on keeping your LinkedIn profile ship-shape. If you missed the first edition, see the start of our series on LinkedIn profile optimization first.

Remember, social media marketing is all about making yourself as present as possible in the internet. So let’s make sure your LinkedIn profile is getting all the love it needs! Cause all you need is LOVE, love, love is all you need! J We could stop here and play Name That Tune, but that wouldn’t help put your LinkedIn in to work for you. So, let’s assume {my dad always told me not to use that word – ASS-U-Me = ouch!) you followed directions on steps 1-5 so that your profile is prepped and ready for a lovefest.

6. Tell a Story

Continuing on with tips about your LinkedIn profile’s content, consider the difference between talking about yourself and telling a story. Here’s a quick example of the difference.

Person A: I’m a self-motivated go-getter who excels at web design with 10 years’ experience.

Person B: When my son was born, I realized I needed to find a new way to use my love for helping people. I quit my job as a computer tech, and started working as a web designer full-time so I could stay home with my family and potentially support them better. In the 10 years since, I’ve grown to help hundreds of businesses grow by building them intuitive, personalized websites.

Think: Interview without having to go anywhere! Make yourself relatable, presentable and lovable….well, only if you really are!?!?!

I don’t think I need to say anything else about that. Or do I? Leave a comment if it’s not clear.

7. Don’t Be Generic

Looking back over that last example, you’ll see another big difference: the first is insanely generic. It could be anyone. But people who are looking for someone like you don’t want someone generic, they want a PERSON like YOU! Give them specific details, and above all be honest.

8. Keep in Mind What Others Will See

LinkedIn Infograph 2

Remember why it is that people may be looking for you in the first place. They’re not looking for a date, they’re not looking for what you do, they’re not looking for job histories – they’re looking for a solution to their problems. Project yourself as that. Make it happen!

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9. Join Groups

Remember to join in on the discussions and circles that are going on in your industry. By joining groups, you’ll not only show how engaged you are in what you do, but you’ll open up more opportunities for others to find you. This is the heart of social media…participate! Be social! Like, comment, and engage with others. And while you’re at it, check out our LinkedIn page Best Kept Secrets of Social Media & Online Marketing.

10. Share the Endorsement Love

LinkedIn Infograph 1

It’s simple, but highly effective: endorse others! Know what a colleague can do well? Send a quick endorsement. Oftentimes they’ll reciprocate. Call it karma, call it self-promotion. But when you get an email saying someone endorsed you and there’s a quick link to repay the favor in just a couple seconds, why wouldn’t you help out?

I don’t recommend that you endorse people for skills that you don’t know they can perform. Just because LinkedIn or the person says it doesn’t mean that’s the exact skill you must endorse them for….add the skills that you feel best suits them.

As an added bonus, this can even improve your business relations with other companies by maintaining a simple engagement. For more tips on B2B marketing that aren’t lame, see our post “7 Tips to Take the Boring Out of Business to Business (b2b) Marketing!

Part 3

That’ll wrap up this edition of Ways to Work Your LinkedIn Profile. Look out for the third – and final – edition of this series set to come out soon!

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