Quick – what’s the purpose of social media marketing? There are lots of great answers you could throw in, and most of them are probably “right,” but if you didn’t think something along the lines of increasing business, you’re missing the essence of marketing.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying social media’s only function is pure business (it is fun, after all ;), but if you’re running marketing “campaigns” through SMM efforts and you’re not actually seeing any increase in business from the time and money you’re investing, well, I think you see where this is going!!

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And Pinterest is no different, even if it isn’t content driven like the rest of most of our SEO practices. To make sure you’re getting a real return on your investment and not just wasting your valuable business resources (even if it is addicting to re-pin!), you’ll love my latest Pinterest e-book’s tips on…

  • Using Pinterest specifically for business
  • Getting people EXCITED to share your pins
  • Veering targeted traffic directly to your website
  • Advertising your products creatively, for FREE
  • Communicating like a pro
  • Saying it all in an image
  • Getting active in your online community

So take it from me, the Pinterest pro, and check out the power of Pinterest for free, right here!!

(And see my other free Pinterest e-book!)


How do you use Pinterest to drive your sales? Let’s get some tips going in the comments!

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