So you’ve got your shop open in a brick-and-mortar building, a digital e-commerce site, or both, and you’re finding that getting repeat buyers, new clients, and responses to your specials are more difficult than you’d like.

It’s no secret that social media has taken a major place in all types of marketing campaigns these days, and it’s even fairly likely that your business has jumped on-board with it.

Now that you’ve got Twitter reeling in new business, it’s time to up the ante. Whether you’re a skeptic and are new to the whole social media marketing or Twitter business or you’re actively looking for ways to improve your social media marketing, these tips and factors should provide a real boost to your sales efforts.

1. It Keeps Your Clients “In” on Your Business

Next to actually acquiring a client-base, keeping that client-base is the most important, most essential aspect of a successful business.

Where this fits in with Twitter is that people like to feel like they belong, like they’re a part of the things they like. If your clients like what you have to offer, they’ll appreciate being kept in the sort of “inner circle” of Twitter followers if you can bring them exclusive information and offers.

2. Being Exclusive

I don’t mean this romantically, but the principle is somewhat the same.

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Tailing off of factor number 1, Twitter is a great way to give exclusive info and offers to people who are actually likely to want to know about it, thus targeting them. If you can create a following of people on Twitter who have proven their interest by purchasing from you, you can tell them about upcoming offerings, events, bargains, and news that’ll give them food for thought the next time they need something you have to offer.

3. Marketing Your Site

It’s not just about giving followers access directly to what you sell, it’s also about giving them access to what you do.

Keeping up site traffic and blog readership with your followers keeps your company at the front of their minds when they want or need something you offer. Post tweets about your new blog posts or site changes with links to ensure they keep up with you.


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