We already know how well Twitter works for repeat business. If you’ve recently opened a new business in either the physical or online marketplace, or if you’re trying to find new and creative ways to bring in new clients (as if any business wouldn’t be doing that), Twitter could be your solution (just be sure you understand Twitter’s limits first).

Even if you’re already incorporating Twitter into your marketing efforts, if you’re not seeing direct results in terms of quantifiable client growth, you’re not optimizing your Twitter marketing efforts. Consider these factors in your social media marketing campaigns.

1. Word of Mouth … or Finger?

Word of mouth marketing isn’t obsolete, but it’s also not the only way that word can spread.

It all starts with getting your name out to a basic group of clients. If you can run a successful, continually (but not excessively) updated Twitter campaign, you give people ways to spread the good news of your offering to those they know. Twitter pages can be shared between followers or even emailed or linked to on Facebook, giving you a variegated approach to branching out to those who’ve never heard of your company. It’s better than verbal in that a link doesn’t go away; if they forget, it’s always right there to click on later.

2. The Dual Purpose of Expanding Your Marketing

As you collect followers and relevant affiliates through following them, you gain new channels to project your own online marketing campaigns. Whether through video, blogging, or digital coupons, you have relevant markets to start sending these out to.

3. It Turns New Business into Repeat Business

This is where real growth lies.

Once you get people to start following you on Twitter after purchasing with you once, you have them forever in your network (unless you do something to lose them, or unless the internet crashes one day). Now you can keep in contact with them to get them to come back for more.

After you’ve mastered this, you can check out my post on “Why Retailers Need to Start Using Twitter for Repeat Business” to keep up with all your new clients.

And now that you’ve got Twitter mastered, why not get that Tumblr marketing campaign going?


What’s your strategy for using Twitter for new business? Let’s strategize in the comments!

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