Running a business – whether local or global – is all about getting people to buy what you’re offering, right? And what makes people want to buy more than special deals?

This all may seem obvious, but if you’re not abiding by the all-powerful consumer need for a bargain, maybe the importance isn’t as obvious as it sounds. Regardless of the medium through which you make your sales, social media is the key to reaching out to real people in real ways, and incorporating your holiday sales, coupons, and incentives can mean a big boost to customer loyalty and an increased client base. Check out these three tips to get it going for your business.

1. Posting Deals Directly to Facebook

We already know that Facebook’s timeline feature is big for branding, but why not use it to post digital coupons or promote sales directly?

Try to do minimal surrounding text that’s not too spammy-looking, but refrain from just posting the bargain by itself. Additionally, be sure to vamp up the offering with a captivating image. When you see a physical coupon or see a sale in a store, isn’t it always gussied up with a picture or graphic? Do the same to catch followers’ eyes.

2. Incentives

Don’t have many followers to advertise to? Using social media incentives can fix that.

When you run into prospective clients or get new clients, offer them a discount, freebie, or some other goodies for following you. Then they’ll stay on in hopes of more great deals; it’s a win-win.

3. Build It Up

This one can go for nearly any social media profile, but is best for Twitter.

If you’re planning a sale, particularly to coincide with something people will recognize such as a holiday, promote it before hand with a number of posts. Be a bit mysterious to boost interest at regular intervals (say once/week), and then when it gets to the payoff date, finally announce the deal. Just make sure it’s big enough not to disappoint.

Just remember that when you post, keep in mind the style of post 71% of users prefer to increase shares on social media.

How do you promote your special offers? Does social media play into your campaigns?

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