If you’re new to the wild and crazy new concept of Pinterest Rich Pins, you’d better go ahead and head back to my recent post on that.

Rich Pins are going to be a big deal for any social media marketing campaign that’s worth a hoot, and it’s high time you start planning for how to implement them now before everybody gets in on the action. The new feature will add a lot of possibilities to get creative with your marketing tactics, but here are just a few to get you started!

Advertise Products on Pinterest

In case you haven’t noticed, Pinterest is ideal for posting and sharing images (I hope you’ve noticed ;). That means it’s also ideal of posting and sharing images of your stuff to get people pumped up about them!

Ever notice how quickly people cycle through pics on Pinterest? If you post images of your products and people start Repinning them, that’s big-time exposure in no time. Use your profile to create a sort of interactive, free, shareable catalog with all your products and compelling descriptions that link right back to how to buy them on your website via Rich Pins.

Share Your Blog Posts on Pinterest

I know, I know, Pinterest is for images, not for words.

But if you’re like PuTTin’ OuT and you create custom images for all your posts, THOSE can get pinned along with your blog posts. Rich Pins has a great feature for Articles that allows Pinners to see summaries and Pin them to read when they have some time. Use this to get more exposure for your blog posts with more backlinks. That’s a win-win, baby!!!

Advertise Your Business on Pinterest

This one’s mostly for those of you who have a physical business location where people can come in and shop (BTW – do you use Twitter for increasing retail business?!).

Rich Pins for Places is sort of like Google+ Places, and acts like a local citation (in fact, it is one!). Post pics of your lovely place of business along with address and contact information with this Rich Pins feature and capture the (P)interest of your followers. Not everyone will be local, of course, but it can lead to online leads, and if you’ve localized your SMM campaign, you should have some local followers already!


Are you thrilled by all the Rich (Pin) possibilities of marketing on Pinterest? Let me know how you’ll be using this for marketing!

Join me for a wild ride!

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